My September Instagram RoundUp

It’s time for my September Instagram RoundUp. I can’t believe it’s October already! I love October. My birthday is on the 1st, and I have lots of special family and friends birthdays this month. The weather is always perfect in October, no matter which side of the equator you live on. In the Northern hemisphere, Autumn blows in with all its beautiful colours, and comfy jumpers and socks. And in the Southern hemisphere, summer is starting up (they don’t really get much of a spring), and everyone’s blowing the winter cobwebs away.

My following on Instagram shot up this month more than any of the previous months this year which I am super excited about. Thank you to everyone who is following me.

September Instagram RoundUp

Without further adieu, here are my top 5 most liked pictures from Instagram in September: 

No. 5: Chalk & Cheese

As I said in this picture, my girls are chalk and cheese. They look different, they behave differently, and they love in completely different ways too.

And in turn, I love them differently. Equally, but differently. And I’m okay with that, because they are individuals.

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My girls. They are as different as chalk and cheese, night and day. As parents we often say that we love our children equally, not favouring one over the other. And whilst that is the truth, I love my girls in different ways, because they are so different. That doesn’t mean I love one more or less than the other, I just love them differently. Do I have a favourite? Yes, I do. In the moment. My favourite in the moment is the one who is not fighting about putting on her jumper. My favourite in the moment is the one who is helping me to tidy their room, not pretending to tidy up whilst watching her sister do it. . Every single day it still surprises me how very different they are from each other. But I do love them equally. . #amotherslove #momofgirls #girlmom #parentinglife #ukblogger #opposites #instasisters #ukmumblog #pbloggers #coolmumclub #momsohard #honestmum #siblinglove #raisingthoserascals #mumming #mumhearts #bloggerclubuk #weblognorth #yorkshireblogger #thursdaythoughts #allthefeels #instagood #instamama #mamablog #uniteinmotherhood #momslivinghappy #sabloggerscafe

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No. 4: BlogOn Toys Goody Bag Haul

“I went to BlogOnToys and all I got was this amazing Goody Bag of stuff!!!”

Well that’s not true. I got a lot more than ‘just’ this. Other than more stuff as well, I also learnt a lot. If you want to see if I think attending my first UK blogging conference was worth it, you can check out my review.

No. 3: I went to BlogOn Toys

These are my bags packed as I prepared to go to Manchester for BlogOn. It was a brilliant day. I’m so glad I went but I was very very nervous in the run up. I went alone, and I didn’t know a soul there. That’s something right out of my comfort zone. But it was worth it.

No. 2: A True Sister Bond

As opposite as these two are, and as much as they fight like two little cats, I guess that’s sisters for you. They also have an indescribable bond that I am so blessed to be able to witness in the often unseen moments. I mean, you do have to look really hard sometimes, because they fight a lot. But I remember being exactly the same with my sister. The fighting and the bond.

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It’s back to school for these two today. Sadly I don’t have any perfect #backtoschool pictures for today because my eldest doesn’t like sleeves . . Moving on … . We had an awesome summer holiday, with so many fun and exciting things that we did, places we went, adventures we had. And most importantly we had time to chill, relax, adjust to our new life and recharge our batteries. . I hope these two had a great day at school today and I can’t wait to see them, BUT … I’ve got more work done in the past 2 hours than I did all summer. . Yay for routine!! . . . #summerholidaysareover #backtoschool2018 #pbloggers #motherhoodblog #ukmummyblogger #ukmumblog #bloggerclubuk #kcacols #blogstravaganza #coolmumclub #stayclassymama #sayingitlikeitis #thesiblingproject #unitemotherhood #workfromhomemom #mombosslife #raisingthoserascals #momsohard #mamahood #sensoryprocessingdisorder #beinghermama #girlmum #mumof2girls #momlife #honestmom

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No. 1: Sorry Not Sorry

This child is a special child. The only way I can describe it is that she fights her way through life. She never takes the easy road. She always takes the long way around. Despite being her mother for 7 years and 3 and months, I still feel like I don’t know how to deal with her, how to manage her.

This picture and accompanying story is ONE small event that happened. One example of the many, many struggles we have to deal with on a daily basis.

She is the most complex person I have ever met, and she’s only 7! With that said, I am proud to be her mom. She brings out the best and worst in me every day, but most of all, she teaches me something more about myself every single day too.

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This shirt, and this child! A week ago we went to @primark and she insisted on THIS shirt. Knowing how she is with clothes I made her look me in the eye and promise to wear it! She did. So I bought it – £1.80. . The next day she point-blank refused to wear it. Said it looked “ridiculous”! I was livid! 😤 I decided to deduct the money from her pocket money to teach her a lesson about the value of money and that if she promises me something then I expect her to follow through. She accepted this quite easily. Far more easily than me insisting she wear the damn t-shirt! . Roll forward to today. . She came home from school with 10/10 for her spelling tests, a test we only got the words for yesterday whereas the rest of the class apparently got theirs on Tuesday! 🙄 Anyway … daddy said she could have an extra £1.00 pocket money for doing so well on her test. And then!!! She came downstairs wearing this shirt, all of her own volition! I’d even forgotten about it. . Whilst I am happy she is wearing it, and I am happy to refund her the £1.80, I am not happy that we had to go through the whole drama to get to this point. . And her – well she’s #sorrynotsorry! I shit you not! Oh the irony! . . . #lifewithgirls #girlmom #parentingunfiltered #motherhoodunplugged #imperfectparenting #perfectlyimperfect #girlstyle #fashionistakids #sayitlikeitis #rawparenting #ukmummyblogger #mamahood #sahmlife #momofgirls #livingherbestlife #lifewithlittles #motherhoodinspired #pocketmoney #moneylessons #teachingthemyoung #bossingit #sabloggerscafe #bloggerstyle #yorkshirebloggers #kcacols #stayclassymama #coolmumsclub #blogstravaganza #bloggerclubuk

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That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed my September Instagram RoundUp. If you want to compare it with last month’s roundup, you can check that one out here.

May you have a blessed October.



  1. Always love your IG roundups because I sometimes miss your IG posts. Love the images of your two girls walking together.

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