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BlogOn Toys – Was It Worth It?

This past weekend, I attended my first UK Blogging event, the BlogOn Toys event held at Hotel Football in Manchester. The aim of the event is to gather parenting bloggers from across the country who are interested in kids toys and doing toy reviews on their blogs, and to bring them face to face with… Continue reading BlogOn Toys – Was It Worth It?

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Our Summer Staycation Review

Well summer is over. The kids are all back at school. The wind has an icy chill to it. And, I can see the lights from my neighbours Christmas tree up already! At the beginning of summer I put out my Summer Staycation Bucket List.  As Autumn starts to take hold I thought it would be… Continue reading Our Summer Staycation Review

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August Instagram Round-Up

Well, the summer holidays have come and gone. We survived. Now that the girls are back at school it's time for me to get back to blogging and all the other work from home stuff that I do. The weather yesterday and today is basically mirroring my mood. It's dark, grey and a little cool.… Continue reading August Instagram Round-Up


Mom Of Two Little Girls | BlogOn Toys Introduce Yourself

This month I will be attending my first blogging event in the UK. Here is me, Mom Of Two Little Girls, and my contribution to the BlogOn Toys Introduce Yourself Linky. I'm hoping that even though I don't know anyone, maybe someone will recognise me! I am really nervous to be attending. I made such… Continue reading Mom Of Two Little Girls | BlogOn Toys Introduce Yourself

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Why We Travel With Kids

I have the hugest honour of having a guest post by the lovely Juanne who is a South African Expat currently living in Germany with her husband and kids. She is writing this post for the #RealMomsWhoTravel series. Here is her post about "Why We Travel With Kids". Why We Travel With Kids Travelling with kids!… Continue reading Why We Travel With Kids

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The Importance Of Having A Family Routine

I am a huge fan of routine, and always have been. Now that I have to run my family's routine, I see the importance of a family routine and the benefits of having one. This doesn't mean that I have a rigid army-style routine, but I do like to stick to the routine that we… Continue reading The Importance Of Having A Family Routine