Pick Your Battles

With my husband on his new healthy lifestyle plan, the girls and I have adopted many of his new eating habits.

For example:

  • we tried Quinoa for the first time, and I ended up making a really yummy chicken, quinoa, mushroom & peppers dish which we all loved.
  • we have switched from white bread to Low GI Wholewheat bread. I really thought they would kick off and refuse to eat it because, you know “it has bits in it”, but they haven’t even noticed – I don’t think.
  • they eat far more fruit than they used to, and I promote fruit or raw veg snacks instead of sweets with no arguments from them.

But … as with every thing in life as a parent, before I can get too cocky about any of this, they feel the need to remind me of my place – parent/slave/substandard-chef.

So last night I cooked them a small portion of rice, just enough for the two of them. It was to go with some beef mince (ground beef) which I packed with carrots, peppers, tomato and onion, I even added a tiny bit of curry powder just to make it even more yummy, but not spicy (because you know, kids!), while we were to eat it in lettuce parcels with some low-fat cheese.

So at around 17.00 I literally can’t take the whining due to hunger pains anymore, I mean it’s been a whole 45 minutes since their afternoon snack, I’m obviously attempting to starve them to death. Failing that, I decide to feed them. They both rush over as I am platting up for them, and then the whining starts:

Eldest [5] (who helped me prepare the food) – “Yuk, I’m not eating that! I just want rice. No mince! Yuk! I’m not touching that disgusting stuff!”

Youngest [3] – “I want rice, and mince but don’t let the mince touch the rice, and I don’t want carrots, or peppers or onions so you must pick them out!”

I stood there for a good thirty seconds with a horrified look on my face, their little faces staring back at me, defying me, contorted into such a look of disgust that you’d imagine I’d dished up dog sh*t!

My first thought was, let them starve.

Me second thought was, I can’t believe I have raised such spoilt, ungrateful little brats, it wasn’t meant to be like this, where did I go wrong? I hate my life.

So, without a word I calmly boiled the kettle, made some instant gravy, poured it over the eldest’s dry rice in a bowl; then I got a plate out and dished a portion of rice on one side and a portion of mince on the other making sure they were not touching each other!  I sat them at the table, turned on My Little Pony, and left them to it.

I then walked straight back into the kitchen, got out the biggest wine glass I owned, poured it right up to the very top with my cheap box wine  (cardbordeaux), and attempted to block out the reality of being an underappreciated slave to my self righteous offspring.

I can actually feel the judgment seeping in right now. It sounds like this:

You should have let them starve. Why didn’t you make them eat what you told them to? It’s your own fault, you have no control over your children! Alcohol is not the answer! How can you let them eat in front of the TV? You’re a bad mother.

Yup, all true. Except that last part.

Sometimes, just sometimes you actually have to give in, pick your battles, and walk away! Be the adult. Maintain your own sanity any way you can.

How did it end?

They both ate all their food, apart from the pile of rice I had to clean up off the floor because a) they continuously drop their spoons on the floor and b) we don’t have a dog.

Motherhood – the hardest job in the world.

Update on my husband’s progress – he has so far lost 12.6Kgs since the 1st of January, and dropped at least one size of trousers, his stress level is lower, and he’s got more energy than he used to. Very proud wife.

Me? I haven’t stopped eating for two days so that 0.5kg I’d lost has not doubt rebounded back twice!

Swings & roundabouts my friends, swings & blady roundabouts!

Anyway, that was my Monday. And now today is only Tuesday. Will this week ever end?

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  1. Author

    You are SO not a bad mother. I think you handled it with far more grace than I would have — there are few things that annoy me as much as when I work to cook a meal and then both kids turn their noses up at it. ps – The wine was a good move. 🙂

  2. Author

    Ah wine… A mom’s best friend! Thanks for sharing! I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award herehttps://kuddosandkiddos.wordpress.com/2017/02/08/blogger-recognition-award/

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  4. Author

    Don’t let anyone else judge you – they aren’t you and they don’t have your girls. I’ve always been one to pick my battles too – best form of parenting in my opinion. your girls had done so well with new food this week too. Walking away was also so worth doing – just to take a breather is all we need sometimes #FamilyFun

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  6. Author

    I’m just catching up on all your posts and gosh you have had the same week as me !
    Yesterday I had no food and didn’t know what to cook for dinner so I thought I have rice or pasta I just need a kind of meat add to it so I raced to the shops to buy some. I thought I would make a risotto , I followed all the first steps until it said add the wine and risotto ! Go to the pantry and realise I have no risotto ? So I thought what can I do with this half cooked meal ! I ended up turning it into a pasta dish. The kids were going crazy being starving and just driving me bonkers. So instead of using the last little bit of wine that I had to cook with i drink it all straight from the bottle . I then served it up to the starving children and they didn’t want it. Husband came home and said it tasted funny and didn’t want it either and threw I in the bin. I had made extra so he could have some for work the next day… I wasted my whole afternoon over that dam dinner and no one ate it apart from me. And this is the story of my life seven days a week … except the husband and one child (they take turns) will normally eat all my meals

    1. Author

      Haha … love it! Especially the drinking from the bottle part! ?

  7. Author

    I think we only judge us in our own heads!! The absolute right thing to do is what’s right at the time. Nothing in this parent game is easy is it!!

    ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

  8. Author

    Hey, you’re doing far better than myself. I can usually at least get my youngest to try anything I make. Even if it’s just a bite. Congrats to your husband! Adopting a healthy eating style is not only challenging but it’s expensive! How in the hell do veggies cost more than premade junk??? Sigh.

    Thanks for linking up, gorgeous! #ShowMeYours

    1. Author

      Haha, thanks for reading and commenting. That was all last week. It’s gone a bit tits up I’m afraid. Tonight they are eating tomato sauce with a side of chicken nuggets.
      Good luck with the new linky! I love it! I’m not a fan of rules. Haha ?

  9. Author

    Yep. Pick your battles. It is the only way to survive motherhood.

  10. Author

    Carbordeaux? Brilliant!

    I let Peachy watch her shows while she eats every day. These days it’s the only way I can get her to finish her meal. Sometimes. If I’m lucky. #bestandworst

  11. Author

    You’re a wise mother. A wise mother picks her battles and knows when to walk away. Those judgmental voices can just bog right off. #bestandworst

  12. Author

    I constantly have these days…..fecking tough!! I feel your pain. You are not alone I assure you….thanks for linking up to this weeks #bestandworst

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