Reasons I Hate Being A Housewife

Reasons I Hate Being A Housewife!

I am a housewife, a Stay At Home Mom, whatever you want to call me. I’ve written a lot about how grateful I am to my husband that we can afford for me to be available to my family whenever they need me.

If you want to read more about my life as a SAHM, you can read my guest post on The Tale Of Mummyhood: Mum Is Best series.

Just in case though: “Thank you my love, I’m very grateful, as I’m sure are you.”

Disclaimer and Recognition

Also … Yes, I realise that working moms do all this AND go to work. Well done you guys! I’m actually jealous! I’d love to get away from all the tasks I refer to below and do something with my day that actually feels meaningful and appreciated whilst also contributing financially to my family and having regular conversations with adults. You guys rock!

Now that I’ve got all that out of the way, please read the rest of this post with your sarcasm filter ‘on’!


Install Sarcasm Filter

The life of a housewife / Stay At Home Mom is not all manicures, coffee dates, gym workouts or regular visits to the hairdresser. Actually, none of the housewives that I am friendly with life like that.

The reality is that I never get my nails done, I don’t go to the gym, I only go get my hair done once every six months – maybe, and I might do a coffee date maybe once every three weeks.

Don’t cry for me, it’s mostly due to the fact that I have other priorities, and not enough time.

Whilst doing the housework, laundry, grocery shopping, family tasks and errands etc, all fall to me, there are a number of tasks that are ‘my‘ job that I absobloodylutely loathe! If admitting that makes me an ungrateful b*tch, then so be it.

I Wish One Of My Personalities Liked To Clean

The Vomit List!

In no particular order, here is my list of reasons why I hate being a housewife:

Cleaning the bathroom:

Gross! I hate it! Toilets, shower walls, bath scum, hair! *Vomit* This also includes picking up wet towels and hanging them up CORRECTLY! FYI – NO! Bundling them together in a heap on the side of the bath doesn’t count, neither does hanging two or three wet towels on top of each other! Seriously, please don’t even bother. *eye roll*

Rolling or unrolling the garden hosepipe:

it’s hard, it always kinks, gets stuck or pops off the tap, and I always break a nail (yes, one of the unmanicured ones!) *Tut* 

Grocery Management:

No matter how good I am at planning my grocery list, and sticking to the list and budget, I can guarantee that I will be home from the grocery store for no more than 10 minutes before I find something that has been finished and put back in the cupboard or that will be finished by the next use, such as the juice/cordial! Always! Every. Single. Time. Why?? FFS!

Cleaning out the bin:

I don’t mind taking the bin bag out or wheeling the big bin out onto the sidewalk to be collected, or even having to run up the street behind the dustbin truck because I almost forgot … it’s not that. It’s cleaning out the plastic bin where all the juices of grossness have leaked out the split bag *vomit*!


There are two points I hate under this topic actually. a) my family know I don’t check pockets so if you don’t empty them before putting them on the floor next to the laundry basket, then when their contents get ruined in a hot wash cycle, I really have no remorse. None. Nada. Get over it. And b) matching up the socks. I hate it. I don’t even bother turning them the right way round if I find two that look like they might match, they go together. If you don’t like it, you are more than welcome to take my housewife crown and do it yourself. The only way to enjoy matching socks is maybe after your second large glass of wine! *ching ching* 

Small Line Of Dirt Joke

I wrote this entire blog post in my head today, whilst doing ALL these things, except for the last one, I’m only on my first glass so far!

What’s your worst household chore? I’m sure I’ve missed a few …

** All meme’s borrowed from various people on Pinterest. Don’t forget to check out my favourite Pinterest board: Mom Humour!


  1. Love this post. So relatable!

    Despite all the harsh realities we SAHM moms go through though—I will always be grateful for those few hours I have to myself!! Even if I’m up to my elbows in toilet bowl cleaner, dishes, or laundry–all the solitude and “silence” is like music to my ears!! And I do absolutely love those days when all the chores are done and I have nothing to do…I will literally sit and do nothing, just because I can, with zero guilt, lol!

    My worst household chore is dishes and laundry. Laundry is the bane of my existence. My Never Ending Story…


    1. I want to cry when that first sock hits the bottom of the empty laundry basket! lol

  2. I’m with you on the bathrooms! I HATE cleaning them! And wet towels heaped on the floor is the worst. I would love to have fresh towels delivered to my house weekly.

  3. Reblogged this on Mummy Time Out and commented:
    I read an article recently saying we’d be happier paying to outsource jobs rather than buying things. If I could pay for someone to pick up after my children, cook our meals, vacuum, wipe down the high chair, change nappies etc etc I WOULD!! I love being a mummy but being a housewife is not so great!

    1. Agreed. I don’t mind cleaning up behind people who try their best to help, but my family really don’t even try half the time!

  4. It’s so great to find a SAHM that is open and honest about this role. It is very difficult and sometimes emotionally draining to hold down the fort we call home. I feel absolutely guilt-free now. Thanks Mom of Two Little Girls !

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. You are so right, it is emotionally draining. x

    1. My cat can sleep all day, but the minute I get started mopping I’m sure he runs outside, walks in mud then runs through the wet floor! Like it’s a game! He’s 14 years old, surely he should retire from shenanigans by now! lol

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    1. I don’t mind ironing, but at the moment my ironing board has an unfixable wobble! Grrr!

  7. I recall when my eldest started pre school and there were a few SAHM. I was like…wow you gals are living the dream! Must be so nice. I’m so jealous!

    Then they told me what they do….and how it’s anything BUT the dream. lol. I was shocked. i could never do it, not unless I had a full time nanny. So I take my hat off to SAHM that do everything and do not murder their kids. For real. I would not be able to cope. I know it has its perks though…I love the days I can make it to watch sports practice or whatever else is happening in the afternoons <3 BUt cleaning…no thank you! Almost vomited with you going through the bathroom routine. lol

  8. Love this post! I absolutely loathe emptying the dishwasher. Really?! It’s always the same plates and silverware, I washed the dishes, loaded, unloaded, filled with food I cooked, and repeat! I hate the repetitive chores that SAHM do, everyday.

    1. I don’t mind loading it, in fact I hate anyone else doing it because they never do it right, but I too hate unloading!

  9. I’m with you, I never check the pockets of my family, if they don’t want it to get wrecked, they can empty them themselves. #dreamteam

  10. Bahahahahaha. I loved this post. I had my sarcasm goggles on and they fell off from you making me laugh so hard. I HATE laundry, like with a passion. Not the putting it in, its the putting it in the dryer and then folding it. My husband is gone in the military for a bit and when I was skyping him, he wanted to see our spare room/his man cave and I said no, because I just dumped clean clothes for “later”. #dreamteam.

  11. Ok so I just gagged slightly at the thought of bin juice which is my absolute nemesis, but I am with you all the way on these! I hate cleaning the bathroom with every inch of my soul! This made me chortle. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

    1. Me too, although the only time I have actually ever gagged was cleaning out the wheelie bin! Gross!

  12. I’m with you on this – I love being at home with my girls, but I hate doing housework! Putting the bin out is a digusting job. #blogcrush

  13. Haha, I have to admit that the the household chore I hate is cleaning the bathrooms! It just makes me want to vomit. I hate the balls of hair in the plughole – eughhhhhh! Feeling sick just typing it. #FridayFrolics

  14. Ah the joys of being a housewife and mother! I don’t even know where to start – the toilets, the bins, the laundry sorting….aaaargh!!!

  15. You have nailed all of the totally suck chores of house-dom. They are just awful. No one, in their right mind, would adore scrubbing the inside of a toilet. Ack! You made me laugh, and I thank you very kindly for that! #DreamTeam xoxo

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  17. I am soooo with you. I HATE the laundry – it just grows and grows and nobody else in my house seems to actually know where the washing machine is. I HATE rolling up the hosepipe – in fact so much that my flowers die in any heat we have in the summer because it has become this job that I just cannot do. And I HATE emptying the dishwasher because it seems it needs to be done about 10 times everyday and yet again, nobody else seems to know how to put anything in it. #FridayFrolics

    1. ?? So glad someone is with me on more than one thing on my list. I was starting to think maybe I was a bit too negative! ?

  18. The only thing I hate about it is feeling like such a loser when you tell people, or when people patronise you….but what can you do…? #Stayclassmama

    1. Author

      I used to feel like that, but then it’s easy to turn it around to those kind of people. I’m not a vindictive person but I hate people who judge without thinking or knowing! We all make sacrifices. #stayclassymama

  19. I LOVE this! I do fall into the working mom category, but I do a lot of these jobs too. While getting the garbage to the road is my husband’s job, collecting it inside the house falls to me. And the laundry – does anyone actually like it? I feel I’m winning if the hampers don’t overflow, and all the clean laundry is still in the “clean” hamper.

    Have you started making your kids “help” with chores? My girls are responsible for setting the table and loading and unloading the dishwasher. They do it maybe once a week…….


    1. Author

      They have quite a few chores now – one of which is filling the dirty laundry basket, also picking up their towels and feeding the cats. But I will NOT allow them to help with the dishwasher – I’m one of those who would rather unpack it and repack it, even if the person who helped pack it is my mom. No one does it right! lol #stayclassymama

  20. I’m also a housewife/stay at home mum that actually works from home too but that is just forgotten because I’m there for everything else but do my work which by the way pay me money 😉 Anyway, rant over. I’m with you on the shopping. I hate it. Sometimes I have to go back to go back to the shop several times to replace things that were finished and nobody cared to tell me about or even finished but empty cartons and containers put back in fridge and cupboard!!!! Thank you for sharing with #StayClassymama

  21. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. #ItsOK I know exactly where you’re coming from – I was going to say especially the bathroom, but then I agree with your whole list so… (although I would add mopping the floor – pointless, time-consuming, back-aching)

  22. This is so relatable! I absolutely hate matching up the socks too! I have a huge shopping bag of odd ones. What’s that all about???? I only ever buy pairs……. #itsok

    1. Author

      I have started this awesome thing where I make the 3 kids sit down on a Sunday evening and sort the socks! They hate it even more than I do I think. If they don’t manage to clear it out after 3 weeks in a row, the leftover socks get binned. #NoRemorse.

  23. Love this! I’m not sure which is my least favourite chore. I dislike them all. Probably cleaning the bins too actually especially the food waste bin as even though it has a liner it always seems to leak and be gross! #ItsOK

  24. Oh no! Sounds like you need to put your brood through some kind of mom boot camp, so they learn the rules. Can’t have you breaking nails all over the place! I’m a stay at home mum too, and cleaning the bathroom and stinky food bin suck. But hey, so did the office! 😂 Fab post. #It’sOK

  25. Love this post, I’m a working mum and actually crave a bit of time doing housework. I hate it when I’m doing it, but find myself avoiding eye contact with laundry basket until I can get it done #ItsOK

  26. Hoovering is the chore that I hate the most. Having to lumber it around the house, move things out of the way, try not to get tangled up in the lead etc.

  27. I’m a SAHM too and I wouldn’t change it, but sometimes I’d just love a few hours on my own! Of all the jobs, I hate doing laundry – just because it’s never finished! #itsok

  28. it’s bloody hard work and i applaud you i moan all the time about working full time but i will confess i do find my days at home with chores and toddler really exhausting it is not an easy job! stay strong mumma #itsok

  29. Not a SAHM but I have so much respect for moms who stay at home and take care of everything. I applaud you #itsok

  30. I can relate to this post so much Carly. Whether we work from home or not, the fact that we are ‘home’ entitles us to these household duties, which, as you rightly said, becomes our ‘job’. Boring, unpaid and often gross, but it is what it is.

  31. This is why I went back to work!!! Haha!! I just NEEDED to get out the house! Being a mom is a full time, sometimes thankless job!!! Whether we work in an office building or a home office! #itsok

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