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She Said What? 

For the last two days my eldest daughter is obviously having a growth spurt – she is two months away from turning 6 and leads a very busy little life with school, swimming, dancing, football, tennis, fighting her sister … Very. Busy.

The last few days she has literally been eating every half an hour. Not junk food, just ALL the food: Cereal, sandwiches, pasta, fruit, yogurt. Everything. Nothing seems to be filling the hole in her tummy. You’d swear she was a 14 year old boy!

This morning, after a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast and 2 biscuits, I decided that this child might starve to death at school if I only pack her the usual 1 slice of bread sandwich, yoghurt and small piece of fruit, 1/2 of which usually comes home with her on a normal day, but as my mom would say “I’d hate for her to go hungry”. So I packed her a 2 slice sandwich, a yogurt and 2 pieces of fruit.

On collecting her from school at 12.30, we got as far as the school gate, not even in the car yet and she started whining and almost collapsed on the ground from what I can only assume was hunger pangs, claiming she was “starving hungry”.

As a concerned and caring mother I replied, “Okay my girl, we will have lunch as soon as we get home. Did you eat the extra lunch that I packed for you?”

This was her actual reply, I sh*t you not: “Noooo mommeeee. I didn’t eat it all because you packed too much! Now I’m hungry!”

I was confused so I attempted to clarify, just in case I was mistaken: “So you’re telling me that you are hungry because you didn’t eat the lunch that I packed for you. You didn’t eat it because I packed you TOO MUCH food, and so now you are hungry. Is that right?”

Her: “Yeeeesss!” *complete with eye rolling, like I’m hard of hearing!

Me: “…..” *Clenches teeth, loads the kids up in the car and stops at the wine shop on the way home! 

#FML – You can’t make stuff like this up! These kids are on a roll this week!

Happy Friday peeps! I hope your weekend is a good one! I’m off to my first blogging meet up in Joburg on Saturday. I’m equal parts nervous and excited.

Then of course Sunday is Mother’s Day – let’s hope my post from last week (Open Letter To My Husband About Mother’s Day) was read and noted! Check back next week for my review!!!

Before I sign off for the week, pleeeease check out this awesome video!! If you haven’t seen it yet, you MUST. It’s freakin awesome and my new favourite song! I love the original, so a parody (of Girl Crush by Little Big Town) for moms by a super talented singer is ‘da bomb’ … okay, not sure I can really pull that off. Moving on … check out Mom Crush by Selah, This Is Momming.

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    1. Author

      Thank you. Glad I’ve found your blog now too. x

  1. Author

    Brilliant! You’ve got to love the stuff that comes out of their mouths…my eldest (14 year old girl) asked yesterday if there was any food she could eat after school…there’s enough fruit to sink a darned ship and chocolate biscuits. Hope you get your Mother’s Day wish #ThatFridayLinky xx

    1. Author

      My eldest also likes to help clarify what she’s hungry for by saying “something hot” or “something cold”. Thanks kid! 🙈

  2. Author

    haha … that’s bad. I’m sorry for you.

  3. Author

    Hahah that’s so funny! Kids really are hilarious, and they have an answer for everything! #thatfridaylinky

  4. Author

    Kids are in a league of their own strange that they are fab post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

    1. Author

      Indeed they are. They get away with far more than we do too!

  5. Author

    Don’t kids just come out with some of the most random things! Personally I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much food!! 😂 #blogcrush

    1. Author

      Haha … true. Aren’t they ‘precious’?

  6. Author

    My kids claim near starvation on a regular basis and then are totally full after three mouthfuls. Kids. Honestly, what are they for? 🙂 #fridayfrolics

    1. Author

      Half the time I’m sure it’s just boredom. Or they are wasteful gluttons. lol

  7. Author

    Adorable! Everything is mama’s fault of course! #familyfun

  8. Author

    Hahaha, oh I love packed too much food so she couldn’t eat any of it, too funny!! I hope the growth spurt doesn’t last too long xx #BlogCrush

  9. Author

    My daughter is about the same age and constantly amazes me with how much food she packs away. Sometimes they really come out with some head scratchers, don’t they #familyfun

  10. Author

    Oh that’s so so funny. They do make me giggle with their rationale sometimes. Guess she told you and that she thought you were the silly one for not knowing what she meant! I’ll come back and watch the video as am at the hairdressers and not sure if everyone is going to want to listen to it! I’ll save that treat for a little later x #FamilyFun

  11. Author

    Children on growth spurts can be totally bewildering can’t they! I’m something weird happens to their brains during these times (and probably ours too!). Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xoxo

  12. Author

    Ha ha, my son goes through this mad eating everything in sight stage whenever he has a growth spurt. Don’t think he’s ever come out with a gem like that though, so funny x

  13. Author

    Ha ha so funny!! It’s totally logical though how dare you try feed her too much! Lol. Hope she gets some perspective for you 😂

    ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    1. Author

      Haha … kids are weird. Thanks for commenting. X

  14. Author

    Wow, my daughter is three and we are already having these after school snack conversations! I cant believe I have years of this ahead, its ridiculous, what do they do with them in school all day that they come out like they havent eaten since christmas?! Jheeeeze! Well, at least we arent alone 😉 Great post, thanks for sharing it with us on #MarvMondays. Emily

  15. Author

    Haha they are just great aren’t they. My daughter isn’t even three yet and I get lots of ‘Im hungry mummy’ only to give food for her not to eat it. Deep breath. So I’ll look forward to this for many years to come. I hope you had a great time Saturday and have a lovely Mother’s Day. I will watch he video a bit later but the other half is asleep next to me so best not wake him yet lol. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    1. Author

      Sometimes I’m sure they say they are hungry because they are bored. Fortunately children don’t eat if they are not hungry (mostly). We’d all be broke with empty fridges if they ate every time they were bored! lol

  16. Author

    My girls never seem to be full. I kid you not that every morning, they devour a four course breakfast. What do they think this it, the Ritz???

    1. Author

      You’re a better Mum than me then. They can have as much cereal as they like but I ain’t cookin!

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