South Africa says No to Steven Anderson! Yes!

I’m not apologising for this posting being very very far away from the usual motherhood and parenting posts because I am so elated with today’s announcement by the South African Home Affairs department that they are banning Steven Anderson and his associates from entering South African and preaching his racist homophobic hate speech. 

Steven Anderson is a ‘Pastor’ from the Faithful Word Baptist Church of Tempe, Arizona. Link to the wikipedia page: Steven Anderson Wikipedia

A bit of background: in 2009 he was praying for the death of Barack Obama, his church holds very strong anti-gay sentiments saying homosexuals should be ‘put to death’ and attacking Archbishop Desomnd Tutu and other religious leaders who do not condemn homosexuality, and celebrating the death of the people killed in the bomb blast in Florida claiming there were now 50 less peadophiles running around. Most recently he was planning an ‘evangelical crusade’ to save South Africa from all the gay people here whilst he and his wife spewed their racist ideals without any idea what their hateful words could most likely cause in a country like South Africa.

News 24 – Home Affairs announcement banning Steven Anderson from South Africa.

South Africa still has a long way to go to become a truly inclusive society, and there are more than enough home-grown prejudices to go around without allowing people like Steven Anderson to come here and stir up trouble!

If you are interested in more on this subject, please read the links attached.

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News 24 article where his wife slams a South African blogger going through IVF)

Alternatively just google the idiot. There are unfortunately many many Youtube videos by him, and articles covering this. The scary thing is he is now planning to go to Botswana. Let’s hope they take the same action as South Africa have.

As a mother and a human, people like this really make me sick.

He should not be allowed to travel internationally, just like other preachers of hate! He is certainly not like any Christian I know.



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