Sulking wife! 

Picture shows the photo of my husband’s coffee this morning. And mine. 

He is on the side of the road somewhere in the Northern Cape. 

I am sitting in a coffee shop waiting for my car to be washed. 

I’m sulking with jealousy because I would much rather be roughing it on a motorbike tour of this beautiful country than watching people pack a 6 pack of 2l cokes into their cars after bracing the wild crowds of Checkers on Black Friday. (Crazy people!) 

Once again, no one to help with the kids means I miss out on a fun adventure.

I’m sure my time will come. Or maybe I had it in my early 20s living it up in London. 

Despite being jealous I’m glad he’s having a good time. I pray he is safe on the roads (motorbikes still scare me!) and I at least get to see the pics he sends me. 

I do hope he feels a little bit guilty though. 


  1. Author

    Sorry… It’s still early and I’m not awake yet. The only thing I could think of was ‘She doesn’t wash her own car’?

    I think I need more caffeine this morning. >.>

    1. Author

      It’s called Job Creation. In UK you pay the car wash so you can wash your own car – how much is it?
      Here you pay R80 and someone washes, dries, vacuums, polishes the tired and properly cleans your whole car for you.

      1. Author

        I use a hose, a bucket and a sponge.
        But I get what you mean. B-)

        And R80 is close enough to the average hand car wash around here (About a fiver for a car)

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