Surprise Surprise! Hatchimals Surprise! and *Giveaway*

The wait is finally over!! It is officially #HatchimalDay!

Something huge happened for my little blog this week.

I was asked to review and run a Giveaway for Just Fun Kidz for the brand new “Hatchimals Surprise” toy that is being launched worldwide on Friday 6 October.

My exact words were, “I’m going to be ‘Mom Of The Year’ and can now retire from blogging.”

Maybe I went a little overboard but just in case you were in any doubt, No, I have never been one of the ‘cool kids’.

The Excitement Was Building

Once I received the first sneak peak teaser pictures and videos, the girls suddenly started swarming around my desk asking why I, their miserable mommy, was suddenly looking at pictures and videos of Hatchimals. No flies on my eldest though, she immediately knew that it was for my ‘blob’ (I despair sometimes, I really do), and did not stop nagging me until she literally broke me down and I told her that yes, I was waiting for a ‘parcel’.

To say it got worse after that is an understatement. The courier deliveries here in the Free State are a little slower than up in Gauteng and so instead of it being a ‘next day’ delivery, it was a ‘two day’ delivery. Two. Very. Looong. Days!

They have many, many, MANY, Hatchimals Colleggtibles, but this was to be their first ‘giant Hatchimal’.

The excitement level was literally off the scale!

I’ve prepared a slide show of their first real unboxing experience which was peppered with a lot of ‘sit back’, ‘give your sister a chance’, ‘get off the table’, and ‘don’t drop it!’​

​So did you figure out the ‘surprise’ part yet? Hatchimal Twins!


At first I was super stressed about how I would get my TWO little girls to share ONE Hatchimal, but when I realised that the actual surprise is that there are two hatchimals in one egg, I knew it would be fine. The girls were so surprised to find two Hatchimals in one egg… and they are now so in love with their respective twin.

They really are amazing toys.

Each egg only hatches once, but once they have hatched each twin goes through four more stages (5 in total):

  • Stage 1 – In Egg
  • Stage 2 – Hatching
  • Stage 3 – Baby
  • Stage 4 – Toddler
  • Stage 5 – Kid.

Eventually when they get to Stage 5 you can actually play games with each one, and they even have a twin game that they play together. It’s so sweet. My girls haven’t put them down, even sleeping with them last night.

My two little girls are over the moon with their Hatchimals Surprise.

Thank you so much to the lovely people at Just Fun Kidz.

Each Hatchimals Surprise retails for R1499.00 each. Stock is available at the following retail stores:

Selected Checkers, Hamleys SA, Lilliputs, selected Makro, Loot, The Kid Zone, Toy Adventures, Toy Kingdom, Toyzone and Toys R Us.

This Giveaway Is Now Closed.

Now for the Giveaway!

I have one Hatchimals Surprise to Giveaway to one lucky person. I promise you, your child will think you are the best ever!!! Ever, ever, ever!!

To enter click on the Rafflecopter link below and remember to follow all the steps.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rules – because there must always be some … 

The Giveaway will run from Friday the 6th of October 2017, until midnight on Sunday 15th October 2017. 

  • This giveaway is for residents of South Africa only, or those with a South African postal address.
  • Sadly, if you have won a prize from MomOfTwoLittleGirls in the past three months you are not eligible to win.
  • The prize will be posted to the winner direct from Just Fun Kidz.
  • The winner will be chosen at random. My decision is final.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Hatchimal Surprise in return for this blog post review and Giveaway. 

UPDATE: The Winner of the Giveaway is Losh Don Kisten! Congratulations and thank you for entering.



    1. Thanks Carly. Be sure to answer the question for a chance to win. x

    1. Thanks. Don’t forget to answer the question for a chance to win. 🙂

    1. Thank you. If you are entering, don’t forget to answer the question. 🙂

  1. Wow, it’s like a Kinder Egg was injected with some magic juice and exploded into Unicorn Tears and Chocolate rain…

    The kids are going to love that for sure.
    Very clever marketing but really good post and slideshow, thank you

    love brett fish

    1. Thanks Brett. Don’t forget to answer the question for a chance to win.

  2. There are 2 in each egg! Thanks for the giveaway! My Irish twins would love these ?

  3. Two Hatchimals in one egg but hoping the prize is a “bad egg” and has three Hatchimals ? I know my girls will be in Hatchimal heaven if they received an egg…only problem is I have triplets ?

  4. Two Hatchimals in one egg but hoping the prize is a “bad egg” and has three Hatchimals ? I know my girls will be in Hatchimal heaven if they received an egg…only problem is I have triplets ?

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    1. Thanks Petra. Remember to answer the question for a chance to win.

  6. TWO adorable Hatchimals in ONE egg…….aaaah, my little one would absolutely LOVE one of these, to be honest, even I love them 😀 <3

  7. Omw i cannot believe its twins this is a awesome surprise especially for moms with to kiddies! its definitely a must buy

  8. 2 Hatchimals in one egg.
    My nephew will definite love this.

  9. What a great giveaway. Thank you. My girls would love this!! And honestly, I would put it away for Christmas! Xx

  10. I want twins… what a cool surprise.. this will be a great present for the

  11. The answer is two! Cute little twins. My daughter is begging for one for her 4th birthday in December. ❤️

  12. Two hatchimal babies.Twins wow super cute My baby will love this as she is complaining she wants a brother or sister as she the only child.This is Amazing great give away and most definetely you are Mom of the year.

  13. There are 2.. This is really great.. and its the perfect “share toy”.. they can work together and in the end, they each get a toy.. my kids are 7 and 6.. so basically like twinzees 🙂

  14. I haven literally tried to win one of these for the last year..always worrying, well if I win, which kid gets it!?? #MomOfThreeProblems This helps me out big time if I win, because you know, there are TWO in I’ll just buy the 2yr old a R50 plush toy…lol.

    Fingers crossed BIG TIME!

  15. The kids will LOVE this!! The best part is there is 2 in the egg! Best for sharing between my son and my niece who have both been wanting one since it came out.

  16. Would love to win hatchimals for my daughter. She is saving her tooth fairy money to buy one but we don’t have a rich tooth fairy and she has only lost one tooth so far.

    1. Ahhh bless her. Fingers crossed! I love that you are teaching her to save for what she wants. Great lesson mama.

  17. There are 2 hatchimals (Twins) inone hatchimals egg.I would so love to win a twin hatchimals for my daughter

  18. There a twin hatchimals in each egg.. meaning 2… they are either identical or fraternal.
    I would love to win this as I have twin baby boys … so this would be amazing for my 3 yr old son to relate to…

  19. Twin Hatchimals in one egg! Perfect for my two girls to share! This would definitely make me mom of the year! ?

  20. There are 2. My daughter has wanted one since last year. I can just imagine her face when she sees that now there is two cute hatchimals in one egg 🙂

  21. There are 2 or twins in each hatchamal egg… I am so excited my grandson would adore one of these cause he is always so lonely, due to his chronic illness and being an only child. I am holding thumbs for my darling boy!

  22. 2 hatchimals ?
    I honestly never thought these would ever be on my wish list… But since kids have arrived on the scene… Things have changed. Lol.
    I had to watch My Little Pony movie this weekend with my daughter, and my hubby Ninja go with my son…. Oh how our movie choices have changed. Haha!

    2 little hatchimals will be perfect… 1 for each kid… And a happy mom and dad to boot xx

    1. Haha … tell me about it! What happened to watching movies at night either? 14.00 the latest for us now!

  23. Wow, amazing giveaway, there’s 2 Hatchbacks in one egg, My kids would have so much fun ????

    1. Thanks Adeline. Don’t forget to answer the question for a chance to win.

  24. 2 Hatchimals ?

    I am also a mom of two little girls and today for the first time my daughter saw the hatchimals in store (has been asking for one for ages) She says to me, I’ve been waiting for this moment forever! ☺️? I thought that was so cute, I got her her first little collectible and she is over the moon with it.

  25. 2 Hatchimals ????? twinsies….oooh noooooooo!!! Can you say CUTENESS!!! ??????

  26. 2 Hatchimals ????? twinsies….oooh noooooooo!!! Can you say CUTENESS!!! ?????? My little girl would just adore this. She’s my own little hatchimal who couldnt wait to hatch… So she came waaaay too early. At 540g at birt I guess she weighed probably just as much as a hatchimal and she was as furry as one too…hehehe…???

  27. There are Two Hatchimals in one egg

    Hatchimal Twins absolutely adorable. Will be a absolute delight and pleasure to win , thank you for the opportunity to win.
    As always an interesting, informative and enlightening, well written review.

  28. There are 2 hatchimals inside.
    Holding thumbs. This would be the most awrsomest thing ever.

  29. There are two hatchimals in each egg. Perfect for my two boys? would love to win these! Keeping fingers AND toes crossed:)

  30. There are 2 hathcimals inside the egg!!! This would be so cool for my son and daughter ???

  31. Not one but two hachimals my daughter is going to go crazy when she finds out about this. Twins!!!!!

  32. There two creatures in a egg! Twins!! I will be that awesome mum if I win this for my daughter…so she wanted twins when I was pregnant but instead only got a brother ? This will definitely make her feel better!! ??

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