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Bounce Trampoline Park

Last Sunday we took the kids to Bounce at Menlyn Main Central Square in Pretoria.

It is a trampoline park, and to say the girls had a ball is an understatement. Continue reading “Bounce Trampoline Park”

Keeping Them Busy This Easter
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Keeping Them Busy This Easter

It is week two of the Easter School Holidays.

We are starting to get a bit bored, and my purse is a bit empty so I’ve pulled together a few links to activities to do with the kids to keep them busy which won’t cost too much either.   Continue reading “Keeping Them Busy This Easter”

Blogging, family, Holiday, Parenting, Stay-at-home-mom

School Holiday Plans

The first term of the South African school year is nearly over. It feels like just the other day they went back after a seven week holiday. Fortunately this holiday is only two and a half weeks long so we should just about get through it with my sanity still intact.

School holidays are great, the break in the routine is good for the kids and for me, but lets face it, after the first few days it can get a bit boring. I’ve been trying to come up with a few ideas and a rough plan of attack, things we can do to look forward to and to keep busy. Continue reading “School Holiday Plans”

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Keeping The Kids Cool In The Summer

Advice from a mum who lives in Africa, about how to keep your kids cool in the summer.

The summer sun in central South Africa is fierce! I read a lot of articles from fellow mommy bloggers who live in the Northern Hemisphere about how to keep your kids busy indoors on cold and rainy days.  So I thought I would do a similar one on how I try to keep my girls busy, cool and active but out of the harsh rays of the sun. Continue reading “Keeping The Kids Cool In The Summer”