Interview with my daughter now she is 6 years old
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An Interview With My Daughter, Now She Is Six!

Today, my eldest daughter turned six. To celebrate this amazing little girl who I love adore and cherish, I thought I would do a little birthday interview with her.

All answers are her own, I did not guide her or prompt her. In brackets are my reactions. Continue reading “An Interview With My Daughter, Now She Is Six!”

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My Surprise Threenager

Don’t worry, I’m not surprised I HAVE a threenager, I’m just surprised she is one.

Anyone who knows me, or indeed read some of my earlier posts, will know that my eldest daughter and I have had a somewhat rocky past. Most of her rage induced tantrum’s stem from clothing. She HATES anything restrictive, anything remotely warm, especially wearing closed shoes (thank goodness we live in Africa, she would never cope in the UK). She’s basically a summer fairy who would be quite happy to run barefoot in the dirt wearing a small vest, short tights, hair unbrushed with bit of food in it, forever. Continue reading “My Surprise Threenager”