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My Instaweek RoundUp – Aug week 1

This has been a busy week, but a good week for me. We had an extra week of holidays so it was really good to be back home and in a routine. Some people hate it, but my girls and I need routine, order and a bit of predictability.  Continue reading “My Instaweek RoundUp – Aug week 1”

Our Awkward Love
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Her and I … our awkward love. 

My eldest daughter and I are not particularly tactile. We love each other fiercely. We sit next to each other, laugh at the same things and she is basically a mini version of me, even in looks. But we are not cuddlers, snugglers or kissers, nor are we huggers, hand holders or space invaders. The reality is that we are a little awkward in the way we express our love for each other.

We can also be a little socially awkward. We are the kind who awkwardly don’t know if it’s appropriate to give a kiss hello, or a hug, or maybe an air kiss, or maybe even maybe a handshake. Whatever the right answer is, we’ll get it wrong. Think … Chandler from Friends.  Continue reading “Her and I … our awkward love. “