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My Most Valuable Sense

I am fortunate that I have all my senses fully functional and good to go. As we are taught from a very early age, the five basic senses are: taste sight touch hearing smell Now if I had to rank those in order of how much I value or want them, it would have to… Continue reading My Most Valuable Sense

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The Quality of Sleep

As parents of small humans, for the first few years of their lives one of the top 3 things that consume our lives is sleep, along with feeding them and keeping them safe. In order for the kids to have a good night's sleep, they need a full tummy, a dry bum, and a good… Continue reading The Quality of Sleep

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Chores For My Children

Have you ever googled "Age Appropriate Chores for Children". This is what your screen will look like if you click on the Images tab.  Everyone is an authority on this subject, or so it would seem. The funny thing is, they all same very similar things it's basically just a copy and paste and reformat… Continue reading Chores For My Children

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My Surprise Threenager

Don't worry, I'm not surprised I HAVE a threenager, I'm just surprised she is one. Anyone who knows me, or indeed read some of my earlier posts, will know that my eldest daughter and I have had a somewhat rocky past. Most of her rage induced tantrum's stem from clothing. She HATES anything restrictive, anything remotely warm,… Continue reading My Surprise Threenager

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I’m A Confrontation Avoider

I am not good at confrontation. In fact, my own mother calls me a doormat (with all the love in the world). I can't tell you how many times I can remember her saying to me, "God gave you a backbone, use it!" After 35 years of trying, I've got a bit better, but I… Continue reading I’m A Confrontation Avoider

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To All The Queens 

On Saturday afternoon we were called up to Jo'burg at short notice and while my husband was busy I had a few hours to kill. We decided to settle in at one of our favorite family restaurant chains. My husband could leave us there with peace of mind, the girls get to play in a huge… Continue reading To All The Queens 

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Pros and Cons – Roadtripping with Kids

My husband and I love roadtripping. I'm not talking about round trips to Jo'burg for the day (+/- 250kms), I'm talking about road trips to Cape Town, Zimbabwe, Botswana. Most of those are in excess of 1500kms. There are pros and cons of travelling with infants vs travelling with small children, in our experience. So… Continue reading Pros and Cons – Roadtripping with Kids

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Domestic Engineer: Advanced Level

Note: I might actually be broken. Yesterday I achieved a higher level of achievement of  Domestic Engineer than I ever thought was possible. FYI: Domestic Engineer - the stay-at-home-parent who is mostly responsible for house, kids and chores. In addition to a morning of running a number of errands around town, after collecting the children from… Continue reading Domestic Engineer: Advanced Level

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Kids Clothing Budget

Let me just start by asking WHY on earth people spend any more money than is absolutely necessary on their kids clothing? My girls go to school 5 days a week for 5 hours a day. Their usual outfit is tights and a t-shirt with flip flops. Their hair is brushed, but not always tied… Continue reading Kids Clothing Budget

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Pics from the Bird Garden yesterday

Nothing to report on today so I thought I would share a few pics from yesterday.