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So. Tired.

This is a post about how just when you think you’re finally winning at parenting your kids remind you that they do and always will, have the upper hand. It looks at how they use their very best methods to ‘clip your wings’ and bring you ‘back down to earth’!

We went up to Pretoria yesterday morning, and after doing a few family visits, we took the kids to Bounce, one of the new trampoline parks that have recently opened up in Gauteng. Look out for my review later in the week. It really was a great outing for the kids.

After that we stayed over with friends and had a lovely dinner and few glasses of wine.

This morning all the other adults left to go to work and I waited out the commuter traffic before starting the long solo journey home with the kids (4 hours of driving with two kids, alone).

As soon as I started trying to get the kids dressed … is when the fight started. (Check out the link for jokes in this theme).  Continue reading “So. Tired.”

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Why I'm Glad We Left The UK

I loved living in the UK. I was 19 when I got there and for the next ten years I loved most of my time there. I made awesome friends, traveled, learnt some invaluable life lessons, met my future-husband, lots of good things happened. And then some not so good things. And then we left. Continue reading “Why I'm Glad We Left The UK”

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Kids Clothing Budget

Let me just start by asking WHY on earth people spend any more money than is absolutely necessary on their kids clothing?

My girls go to school 5 days a week for 5 hours a day. Their usual outfit is tights and a t-shirt with flip flops. Their hair is brushed, but not always tied up (despite my best efforts – but seriously, there aren’t enough hours in the day to fight about a pony tail vs Elsa plait!).

When I collect them their shoes are in their bags, their hair is disheveled, their clothes are filthy, sometimes covered in paint, and at least once every couple of weeks their tights have a hole in them.

Nevermind the rough play at school, they take it in turns to have massive growth spurts. At the beginning of this last winter (May) my eldest was wearing age size 4-5. I just bought her some new stuff this past weekend (6 months later) and she’s age size 6-7!

As a consequence of this I point blank refuse to spend any more money than I absolutely have to on their clothing.

My husband was annoyed the other day because we went to Spur (family restaurant) and at least  two other girls in there were wearing the same clothes as ours!


Because It’s value for money to buy from that particular store.

There are only a handful of stores that I buy my kids everyday clothes from. Ackerman, Jet, Pep and Mr Price. (All SA stores, but the equivalent of Tescos, Asda and New Look in the U.K.) Sometimes I will stretch to Woolworths clothes if there is a Special Occassion, and if it’s for a wedding or something extra special then Edgars.

In August I splashed out and got them each a two-pack of tights from Edgars. My husband dressed the kids while I was out quick, by the time I saw them, my youngest put a hole in the knee of the tights … within 15 minutes! I may as well have just thrown the money in the bin! He gets it now!

It’s infuriating, but they are kids. I can’t expect them to sit on the step and watch other kids be kids just so they don’t dirty their clothes. That’s not fair to them either. Besides, they don’t know the difference between one shop and the other. And I’m certainly not about to teach them fashion brand awareness at ages 3 and 5!

My motto when it comes to kids clothes: if it’s functional, practical, affordable and durable it works for me!

Their motto, if it’s got Dora / Tinkerbell / Doc Mcstuffins / Frozen / My Little Pony / Barbie on it, it’s good enough for them!