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Are these the last days of summer? 

It certainly feels like it in South Africa anyway. The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting cooler. I feel like I'm running out of time, time for what I don't know but I am not a fan of winter, maybe that's what is making me feel a little anxious.  The girls have one… Continue reading Are these the last days of summer? 

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How Do I Make You Feel?

One of things I am trying to constantly remind my girls when they have one of their little fights is the power of their words. If they say nasty and unkind things to each other, how does that make their sister feel? If she said those words back, how would it make you feel? They… Continue reading How Do I Make You Feel?

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Now Listen Sisters 

I have a theory. Controversial maybe, since I'm not a scientist or a priest. I'm just a woman, standing in front of her family tree, contemplating the future.  The men who marry into my family are breeding out their family names. Let me try to explain how I arrive at this theory. Please try keep… Continue reading Now Listen Sisters 

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My goals for 2017

I know I'm a bit late, but I've never been 'early' in my life!  I hate the term 'New Years Resolution'. There is such a stigma attached to it and it becomes a chore to stick to rather than a desire. So instead of that, I have set myself goals for 2017 which are personal… Continue reading My goals for 2017

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Never Backwards … Always Forwards

This is the Tag Line I use on my blog. I thought I would share with anyone who is interested, why I use that phrase as my tag line.  My husband and I have been through so much together, and we constantly question whether we are doing the right thing. By that I mean things like:… Continue reading Never Backwards … Always Forwards

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We did it … well, we tried.

'IT' refers to eating out at a restaurant that doesn't have a children's play area. I had a rough idea of how difficult it would be, but I was honestly tired of being the one who always says "no". A bit of background: Our good friends have two older boys. One is 16 and one… Continue reading We did it … well, we tried.

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Birthdays as a Mom

What a 'mom birthday' is all about.