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I Am The Queen Of Procrastination

Actually, I’m ‘The Queen’ of a lot of things and have been labeled that many times in my life … ‘The Lazy Queen’ (not so nice), the ‘Wine Queen’ (I’ll take that one).

One label I own in a self-resignation kind of way is ‘The Queen of Procrastination’.  Continue reading “I Am The Queen Of Procrastination”

3 Countries In 3 Days BMW GS Adventure
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3 Countries in 3 Days: Day 1

My husband and I went away last week with our friends, on what can only be described as a fast paced epic adventure.

My husband and his friend are avid ‘bikers’. Think more ‘respectful adventurers’ rather than ‘leathers and goatees’! Continue reading “3 Countries in 3 Days: Day 1”

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The Little Things I Do For Me! 

There have been a lot of posts recently about how mom’s need to look after ourselves and not get swallowed up by being a mom. How we mustn’t neglect our own needs etc. Well this is my version of that post.

We all know what it’s like, the parent who stays home with the kids or gets home from work first usually makes dinner for the family.

Dinner … easy right?

Wrong! Continue reading “The Little Things I Do For Me! “


My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures on The Box

Can it still be called a box? I mean most of them are flat and hang off the wall, so maybe they should be called a portrait?

I digress already. Here are my top 1o favourite shows to watch on TV, even though half of them are no longer in production.  Continue reading “My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures on The Box”

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My Daughters Are Sisters

I originally took the photo in my featured image because as I went to tidy up their shoes left exactly like that, it struck me how different they are.

At that exact moment I heard them laughing together in their shared bedroom.

It was one of a million tiny moments in time where my heart swells with love to the point I think it might burst.

I have no idea what they were doing in there that made them both so happy, even if I did I would never truly be able to share in that moment with them because they are each other’s sisters.  Continue reading “My Daughters Are Sisters”

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Checklist For A Weekend Break

We are heading to the Vaal River this weekend with some friends. Although I have crossed the river a few hundred times between the Free State and Gauteng, I’ve never actually been to the river.

As with most self catering style weekend breaks, it involves a fair amount of planning, preparation and packing.

Before you start packing, these are my top tips: Continue reading “Checklist For A Weekend Break”

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Valentine's Day Fun

Over the Christmas holidays, we stayed with friends that we hadn’t been on holiday with before. It’s always a little stressful going away with people for the first time. It can either make or break a friendship.

I was also worried about my husband getting bored. Yes, him. Not the kids! Him!

During my Christmas Shopping expedition, I bought a board game, something I don’t normally do, and something I was sure at the time I was probably wasting my money on. I guess if nothing else, I could give it away as a last minute gift should I need to. I didn’t, thanks goodness.

The game was Battle of the Sexes, and it was AWESOME! The long and short of it is basically the men are on one team and the women are on another. The men ask the women a series of typical male orientated questions and vice versa.

For example:

  • Q Men to women: When a lunker steals your stringer, what are you doing?
  • A: Fishing


  • Q Women to Men: A wand is often used for applying what type of make-up?
  • A: Mascara.

It really makes you see your partner in a new light, so be prepared.

As most of my readers and followers are moms or dads, which probably means that around 90% of us are staying in tonight for Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a fun idea to put together a few light-hearted questions you and your partner could ask each other tonight to test the memories of your relationship.

Here are a few ideas for the ladies to ask the men:

  1. What is the name of the first movie we ever watched together?
  2. What is my favourite restaurant?
  3. What is my favourite perfume?
  4. What is the washing powder brand we use?
  5. Where are the keys supposed to be kept?

Here are a few for the men to ask the ladies:

  1. Who do we bank with?
  2. What is the registration number of my car?
  3. Where are my socks?
  4. Where is the remote?
  5. When can we go to bed?

Just kidding – I’m not a man, how should I know what they want to ask?! Although I’m pretty sure no. 5 is somewhere on their list?

Top Tips:

  • Keep it light
  • Keep it short
  • Don’t get offended
  • Drink some wine!

My question to my husband today (just to test if he’s reading this) – do you recognise the featured image of this post? Where is it from? Love you. xxx

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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How I Prepared To Go Out!

Yesterday my husband needed me by his side. He had to attend a work meeting, which was followed by a social where the wives were included.

For us to attend a function where the girls can’t come with takes HUGE planning and preparation. We decided that the only people we felt comfortable leaving the girls with were our good friends who live in a nearby town. We’ve never left them with anyone overnight before, apart from my mom, so this was big for us, and for them.  Continue reading “How I Prepared To Go Out!”

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Domestic Engineer: Advanced Level

Note: I might actually be broken.

Yesterday I achieved a higher level of achievement of  Domestic Engineer than I ever thought was possible.

FYI: Domestic Engineer – the stay-at-home-parent who is mostly responsible for house, kids and chores.

Continue reading “Domestic Engineer: Advanced Level”