7 Genius Ideas To Keep Kids Busy and Get Stuff Done
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7 Genius Ideas To Keep Kids Busy AND Get Stuff Done!

A few weeks ago I was having a rough afternoon with the girls. "Rough" as in they were bored out of their minds and driving me crazy.¬†All I wanted was for them to find a task to do that would keep them busy long enough for me to pour a glass of wine, and maybe… Continue reading 7 Genius Ideas To Keep Kids Busy AND Get Stuff Done!

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School Holiday Plans

The first term of the South African school year is nearly over. It feels like just the other day they went back after a seven week holiday. Fortunately this holiday is only two and a half weeks long so we should just about get through it with my sanity still intact. School holidays are great,… Continue reading School Holiday Plans

Trimming My Bush Mom Humour
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Trimming My Bush – Rant

This morning marks three weeks since my bushes were trimmed. Every day I can see less and less and besides that, there's a principle here. This is a task that is normally carried out by the gardeners employed by our body corporate - a service we pay for. I have been trying to ignore it… Continue reading Trimming My Bush – Rant