3 Countries In 3 Days Day 3
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3 Countries In 3 Days: Day 3

Day 3 dawned at Afriski Mountain Resort. We were all tired, but eager to get up and actually see the resort since we’d arrived at night and couldn’t make out much.

To say that it was cold is an understatement!

Temperature = -1.5°C (That’s MINUS 1.5 degrees celcius!)

Elevation = 3054m above sea level.

Location = Afrisk Mountain Resort, Lesotho.

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Are these the last days of summer? 

It certainly feels like it in South Africa anyway.

The days are getting shorter.

The nights are getting cooler.

I feel like I’m running out of time, time for what I don’t know but I am not a fan of winter, maybe that’s what is making me feel a little anxious.  Continue reading “Are these the last days of summer? ”

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Stop Licking That! 

After a five hour trip with the girls, start to finish, from OR Tambo airport (Johannesburg) until into their eager grandparents arms in Harare, it took about 5 hours. 

Five. Hours. Of telling them to “Stop Licking That!” By that I mean: 

The railing in the airport. 

The counter at Passport Control. 

The elevator button. 

The window in the plane. 

The tray table. 

The bus railing! 

Why? For f”*k sakes? WHY?!?! 

Anyway, we are here. 

Other than the licking, all is good. They kept their shoes on,  only kicked the chair in front of them 200 times(!) and seemed to have survived the day on chips, crisps and slush-puppies! 

Thanks Gaya (granny) and Gumgum (grandpa)!!

Now to sit back and let the grandparents take over for a week! Loving it!