Having It All As Mothers
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Having It All

The topic of 'Can Women Have It All' is a very contentious one. There are many educated arguments, ranting blog posts, memes and feminist movements surrounding this one topic. Why do 'we', and by 'we' I mean everyone but mostly women, feel like it's some sort of challenge to be equal to a man. Or… Continue reading Having It All

The Day I Said Yes Motherhood
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The Day I Said “Yes!” 

Tuesday was not a good day. It felt like all I did was roll my eyes, tut and eventually yell at my kids. I have many reasons as to why, but in the spirit of positivity I won't dwell on them. I woke up yesterday and decided that I need to make it up to my girls.… Continue reading The Day I Said “Yes!” 

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“Mommy, what’s your favorite thing in the world?” 

My answer to either of them is always, you are, you and your sister.  "Nooo mooom, your favorite toy? Duh?"  At that point I want to clap them over the back of the back of the head.  Seriously! I'm trying to be sentimental and they're calling me duh? I do however, restrain myself.  So today… Continue reading “Mommy, what’s your favorite thing in the world?”