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The Little Things I Do For Me! 

There have been a lot of posts recently about how mom's need to look after ourselves and not get swallowed up by being a mom. How we mustn't neglect our own needs etc. Well this is my version of that post. We all know what it's like, the parent who stays home with the kids… Continue reading The Little Things I Do For Me! 

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One-Pot Roast Chicken, Corn and Veg

After last nights' melt down from me after they refused to eat the healthy dinner I had cooked and opting instead for rice and instant gravy, I decided that tonight I would cook exactly (and only) what I wanted to eat. I would not be preparing any alternative and if they didn't want it, they could… Continue reading One-Pot Roast Chicken, Corn and Veg

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Healthy Lifestyle Update

This post is dedicated to my husband. I have never met anyone with the immense will power that he has. He decided in December that come the 1st of January he will be on a healthy eating plan, with the aim of losing around 20kgs. I was all for this and I am happy to support… Continue reading Healthy Lifestyle Update

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Thinking of what to feed them … Every. Single. Day!

I don't know about you, but one of the 'chores' of being a Stay-at-home mom that I absolutely loathe is thinking what to feed my family. Trying to cook a meal that will be edible, excludes all 'yukky' items, is healthy, and is not all rabbit food, is quite frankly a thankless and stressful task. Sometimes… Continue reading Thinking of what to feed them … Every. Single. Day!