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Aspirations Of My 3 Year Old

We’ve had a tough few days, my youngest and I. She’s basically been coughing since Sunday night and has been off school for three days now. I’ve not slept properly for three nights.

Mid-day yesterday she informed me that she wants to be a Pilot when she grows up. Sure, whatever you want sweetheart.   Continue reading “Aspirations Of My 3 Year Old”

motherhood, Parenting, Stay-at-home-mom


52 Followers! Wow! 

Thanks everyone who has taken the time to read, comment and like my rambling thoughts. 

I’m on holiday at the moment but will get back to writing more regularly when I get home.

The girls are loving our holiday here in Zimbabwe, filled with family, friends, sun and fun. Today we have a busy day planned chasing peacocks and chickens, playing in the garden, running through sprays and generally tiring themselves out.