chores for my children
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Chores For My Children

Have you ever googled “Age Appropriate Chores for Children”.

This is what your screen will look like if you click on the Images tab.  Continue reading “Chores For My Children”

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Logic of a Three Year Old 

My internet speed is LOW, so I call the ISP and he is checking to see what’s wrong. All the while, my 3 year old (who is off school sick) is sitting on my lap. I get off the phone and she’s immediately trying to load YouTube on the iPad.

Me: You can’t watch it now. The internet is down, it’s not working.

Her: Who will fix it?

Me: The man I was just talking to on the phone, he will fix it.

Her: Where is he? How will he fix it?

Me: He fixes the signal up in the sky.

I can see the wheels turning while she mulls this over.

Finally, with wide eyed reverence on her little face she says:

” Mommy, is he Jesus?”

Precious child.

Happy Wednesday everyone!