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My Mother’s Day Spoils

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an Open Letter To My Husband About Mother’s Day. I know he read it so in the run up, expectiations were high. However during the week in the run up to Mother's Day, we realised we would have to tweak my 'wish list' so that it was a… Continue reading My Mother’s Day Spoils


So much going on!

There is so much going on in my life yesterday and today. My post from yesterday about Should I be defensive of being a SAHM? was my most popular/liked post since I started blogging, I also reached 100 followers  and today it's actually sitting at 105. I'm feeling really blessed and thankful to all those of you… Continue reading So much going on!

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Today, I am tired … But that’s okay.

It was an exhausting weekend with my eldest having a fever on and off.  Last night went something like this:  17.30 - feed family the roast if cooked all afternoon.  18.00 - bath kids. 18.30 - go out to fetch meds for my husband at the late night pharmacy. 19.00 - husband must've read my… Continue reading Today, I am tired … But that’s okay.