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My Mother's Day Spoils

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an Open Letter To My Husband About Mother’s Day. I know he read it so in the run up, expectiations were high. However during the week in the run up to Mother’s Day, we realised we would have to tweak my ‘wish list’ so that it was a bit more aligned with reality. So how did I spend Mother’s Day? Continue reading “My Mother's Day Spoils”


So much going on!

There is so much going on in my life yesterday and today.

My post from yesterday about Should I be defensive of being a SAHM? was my most popular/liked post since I started blogging, I also reached 100 followers  and today it’s actually sitting at 105. I’m feeling really blessed and thankful to all those of you who hopefully enjoy my writing, sarcasm and rants. lol

Yesterday also marked a year since my left hip replacement. The right was a year in June. I had Perthes disease as a child which was never diagnosed or treated and so from the age of 17 until last year (33) I suffered sever hip pain, limping, etc. I was misdiagnosed for all of that time, from being told I was over weight (Zim doctors at the age of 17, I weighed 75kgs?!) to being told to stop wearing high heels (GP in London at 21), then Hip Dysplacia at 24 (NHS Surgeon – but to please go away because they won’t be operating anytime in the next 10 to 20 years – just take paracetamol! WTF?) Anyway, when my husband and I knew we weren’t going to have any more kids he took me to a Dr in SA here who diagnosed it properly and replaced both hips with 4 months of each other. It was really tough on me, and even more so on my family. So yesterday’s milestone means so much to all of us. Thank you to my husband, my mom who came to care for all of us for 6 weeks with each hip, and to my two precious girls for being so good.

Then today is my eldest daughter’s first ever dance recital/concert. The show is the Lion King, and I think she is one of the monkeys. She has been practicing so hard, which such enthusiasm and determination, we can’t wait to see the show tonight. She is only 5 and has put in more hours the last 3 weeks than even school demands. Her schedule has been so crazy. This morning I dropped her at the theater for the morning show at 07.00, full hair and make-up. Not once has she complained about being tired, or not wanting to go, nothing. I have to pick her up at 13.00 then take her back for the evening show at 16.00. I pray she has a day time nap, but who am I kidding! lol

My youngest is definitely struggling with a little bit of FOMO (fear of missing out). I have promised her that she can start dancing from January. I took her to buy a pretty dress to wear tonight, and promised she can wear a little bit of make-up too. As an update to my previous post on finding a dress I am a “Tekkie mom”. I found one in the back of my cupboard that I’ve only worn once, but I think I must go find myself some new shoes. I might even look for ones with a slight heel to celebrate the hip birthday too – I probably won’t be able to walk in them and will be in pain tomorrow, but all for the sake of looking good right?

So anyway, it’s been and is a crazy couple of days. I can’t wait to see the show tonight. Tomorrow we will just be chilling in an effort to recover from the grueling schedule of the past few weeks.

Must dash now to my first hair cut in over six months. Woo Hoo!

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Today, I am tired … But that's okay.

It was an exhausting weekend with my eldest having a fever on and off. 

Last night went something like this: 

17.30 – feed family the roast if cooked all afternoon. 

18.00 – bath kids.

18.30 – go out to fetch meds for my husband at the late night pharmacy.

19.00 – husband must’ve read my blog I need space because he took the kids and the three of them lay in bed watching TV, giving me some space. I watched Big Bang Theory, had a glass of wine and caught up on Facebook. Eldest went to bed around 20.00 after another dose of ibuprofen as the fever was back. 

21.00 – I went to bed. I was so thankful for the couple of hours where I was alone and did not have to even utter a word. Bliss. Yes, I know I’m selfish. 

00.30 – youngest wet her bed. I had obviously not monitored her liquid intake and as she fell asleep watching tv she hadn’t been to the loo before bed. So I got up, changed her and put her in the bed with us. She is the kicker referred to in one of my previous posts! Today I Suck!

01.00 – the eldest comes through, hot, feverish, thirsty. I get her water. She insists I lie with her but as she’s already steaming hot I curl up at the bottom of her bed. She proceeds to fidget, kick, and generally not sleep until around 03.00 – thank you generic ibuprofen loaded with sugar! Why?! In this time the cats had to go out to pee separately, and the birds – I don’t actually know what happened but there was a lot of flapping and chirping, maybe one fell off its pitch – funny now, not at the time! 

03.00 – she is finally asleep, poor baby. I go back to my bed, to my snoring husband who, bless him, only snores when he is exhausted or unwell, and the kicker. 

04.00 – the kicker’s nose starts running, she needs a tissue.

05.00 – husband gets up to go to work. We discover the kicker has a fever too. 

05.30 – husband leaves, the kicker wakes up! 

That’s the end of my ‘night’. 

I hauled them ALL off to the Dr this morning. All will be well thanks to the wonders of medication! 

In all seriousness though … I hope that in years to come when they remember that mommy did get tired, I did shout, scream, and lose my temper over the little things sometimes. 

I hope that they also remember that I tried to be a good mom, and that the I loved them during those tired times, and forever. 

I don’t expect thanks, I just want them to know that.