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READ And Give Back – The Gifts That Keep On Giving!

I think it's safe to say that we all understand the importance of reading. My eldest is 6 years old now and starts Grade 1 in January and to say that she is 'chomping at the bit' is an understatement. She is not alone, so many children are desperate to learn to read. If you… Continue reading READ And Give Back – The Gifts That Keep On Giving!

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Keeping Them Busy

The school term is in full swing now. We have something going on every afternoon, which is great. It's not super stressful stuff either which I like, I firmly believe that they are still little girls and there is no need to fill their days completely. There is time enough for that when they start… Continue reading Keeping Them Busy

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They Break Books!

I love the English Language. I love reading. I believe that reading to children is very important. I love books. I love books so much I don't want to give them to my children. They have some really beautiful, stunning books that they don't even know they have. "Why?" you ask. Because. They. Break. Books! They… Continue reading They Break Books!