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New Feature: #ParentingWin vs #ParentingFail

Hello to all my lovely regular readers, and those who are stumbling upon my blog for the first time.

I’m excited to announce that I have decided to start a new weekly feature where each week I will share your stories showing the contrast between the highs and lows of parenting. I’m looking for milestones, achievements, funny stories, traumatic meltdowns, embarrassing incidents, whatever it is that was memorable for you.   Continue reading “New Feature: #ParentingWin vs #ParentingFail”

motherhood, Parenting, Stay-at-home-mom

What I said vs What they heard

This morning in my house went something like this:

“Please girls, mommy has to be somewhere early this morning. Can we hurry up a little bit?”  Continue reading “What I said vs What they heard”