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So. Tired.

This is a post about how just when you think you're finally winning at parenting your kids remind you that they do and always will, have the upper hand. It looks at how they use their very best methods to 'clip your wings' and bring you 'back down to earth'! We went up to Pretoria… Continue reading So. Tired.

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Bed Hopping – Co-Sleeping Is A Myth

I am convinced that co-sleeping is a myth, because whilst they may sleep, I certainly do not. We have a number of bed hopping configurations in our house. Technically my husband and I share a king size bed, while our two daughters share a room with a 3/4 beds each. The reality is of course slightly… Continue reading Bed Hopping – Co-Sleeping Is A Myth

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I Am More Than Just A Mom

We've all heard the ranting that goes on when someone dares refer to any of us as 'just a mom' most of which has been said by ourselves. This is not that post. My eldest had a playdate yesterday with her bff and my youngest was devastated that she couldn't go with too. Instead I… Continue reading I Am More Than Just A Mom

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Top 5 Questions all Parents want Answers to … or do we? 

As parents we often complain about how inquisitive our kids are. If you try to tell me that the "But why mom?" doesn't get to you, you're a liar! It gets to all of us! But there are some questions us as parents ask every day, which, in my opinion, must be rhetorical because the… Continue reading Top 5 Questions all Parents want Answers to … or do we? 

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The Lighter Side of Three

Yes, believe it or not, there is one. I got some lovely comments on my recent post: My Surprise Threenager. I have to say, most were other parents commiserating with me, sharing their experiences, and best wishes for the future. That's parenting sharing.  Then I got a comment from the lovely Nicole over at Tales from Mamaville.… Continue reading The Lighter Side of Three

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January Disease

We are half way through January now, and if you haven't noticed there are basically two categories of humans on the planet: Those who suffer from January Disease; Those who don't and fall into category B below. A. What is January Disease you ask. Well , if you are not familiar with this particular ailment,… Continue reading January Disease

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They are Still On Holiday

Most kids have gone back to school, except for mine! I know that's not exactly true, but that's how it feels. Their school only opens on the 18th! It closed on the 30th of November, that means that by the time they go back, they will have been on holiday for seven weeks! SEVEN! I'm bored,… Continue reading They are Still On Holiday

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The Fighting 🙈

At a follow up appointment at the Dentist this morning the receptionist came to ask me if they were both mine. I asked why, and she said that they were getting along so well and playing so nicely  she thought maybe they were friends. (Clearly a fellow mom). At that point I actually considered the… Continue reading The Fighting 🙈

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Reasons Why I’m A Bad Mom – Apparently:

Based on my 5 year old's reactions to certain instructions I give her daily, I can only assume I am a 'bad mom'. Yesterday MY behaviour caused HER to have a breakdown and advise me of all the ways in which I am a bad mom. Here is her list of grievances which she sobbed… Continue reading Reasons Why I’m A Bad Mom – Apparently:

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Trimming my bush – rant.

This morning marks three weeks since my bushes were trimmed. (The ones outside my kitchen window). Every day I can see less and less and besides that, there's a principle here. This is a task that is normally carried out by the gardeners employed by our body corporate - a service we pay for. I… Continue reading Trimming my bush – rant.