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My Wanderlust

I am so excited I could almost burst. If you read my post from a few weeks ago you will know my husband and I are getting 3 days away to ourselves while my mom and step-dad come visit to look after the girls. Technically they are looking after the girls but I think we… Continue reading My Wanderlust

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Day Out: Bloemfontein Botanical Gardens 

When you live in a small town you quickly exhaust all the attractions your little town has to offer. Whilst we spend a lot of time in Joburg, it's really far to go for a few hours change of scenery. So off to 'Bloem' we went. We've been a few times but usually just to… Continue reading Day Out: Bloemfontein Botanical Gardens 

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Checklist For A Weekend Break

We are heading to the Vaal River this weekend with some friends. Although I have crossed the river a few hundred times between the Free State and Gauteng, I've never actually been to the river. As with most self catering style weekend breaks, it involves a fair amount of planning, preparation and packing. Before you… Continue reading Checklist For A Weekend Break

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We Took The Kids Zip-Lining!

This past weekend we took the girls Zip-Lining in Parys. Parys is a small town on the banks of the Vaal River in the Northern Free State, South Africa. Parys has a huge variety of activities to offer, and the fact that it is only an hour's drive from Johannesburg makes it an idea getaway… Continue reading We Took The Kids Zip-Lining!

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We’re on holiday 

We left this morning on the first of two planned roadtrips.  Follow me on Twitter or Instagram for photos of our Roadtrips through South Africa. We will be going through the Free State, Kwazulu Natal, Guateng and Limpop provinces. Twitter @momof2lgs Instagram: momoftwolittlegirls Or you can follow via the links on my Home Page. Travel… Continue reading We’re on holiday 

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Road Tripping South Africa this Festive Season

I published a post earlier on the Pros & Cons of roadtripping with kids. Either my husband and I are suckers for punishment, or we have itchy feet, or we really do just love to travel and since we are parents we have to drag the girls with us. Whatever the truth may be, we… Continue reading Road Tripping South Africa this Festive Season

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Sulking wife! 

Picture shows the photo of my husband's coffee this morning. And mine.  He is on the side of the road somewhere in the Northern Cape.  I am sitting in a coffee shop waiting for my car to be washed.  I'm sulking with jealousy because I would much rather be roughing it on a motorbike tour… Continue reading Sulking wife! 

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Car Guard Rant!

Before I start, for those of you who follow me who are not from South Africa or Zimbabwe, or any Southern African country, let me explain to you what a 'Car Guard' is. It is basically someone who guards your car while you are away from it whilst out and about in town. As I… Continue reading Car Guard Rant!

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Dentists, bird parks, & tough love 

A few highlights & thoughts from the last few days.  I hate dentists. I had a root canal yesterday and have decided that they (dentists) should be renamed Tooth Engineers - all the equipment and methods they use is the same as civil engineers do just in miniature: drills, grinding, rods, braces, flushing, paving, heating,… Continue reading Dentists, bird parks, & tough love 

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I am a “Tekkie mom”.

Apparently, after the first time I met the wife of my husband's motorbike riding buddy, she confided to her husband that she was relieved to discover that I am a 'tekkie mom'. Tekkie is the South African word for Trainers. Pronounced 'tackie'. The only reason I even know what a 'trainer' is, is because I… Continue reading I am a “Tekkie mom”.