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What Happened To Competition?

When did the word ‘competition’ become a dirty word, not to be uttered for fear of being made to feel guilty for wanting more, or for fear of offending everyone?  I read a post today that got me all fired up, enough to actually put my fingers to my keyboard and write this post. It was a post by the lovely Meagan at The Mum Project, I’m not going to rewrite it, but you can check it out here.

In my humble opinion, the last few generations of parents, teachers and the whole world in fact, have been pushing the idea on children that taking part is enough, there should be no winners or losers, everyone must be recognised. This has led to the current generation of people who think that they are entitled to have and to take whatever their precious hearts desire.   Continue reading “What Happened To Competition?”


'Free' children's book.

A few days ago I downloaded a free children’s book from Amazon. The story was good. It really was, but the copy-editing was so awful that while I read it out-loud to my kids I kept stumbling over poor punctuation, format and layout. They totally lost interest whilst I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

Which leads me to wander, is anything free really worth it? (Please don’t read too deeply in to that statement, I’m not referring to oxygen!) I really do find the general level of proper and correct standard of English in Children’s literature is below average. Aren’t these the very minds we are trying to educate and teach the correct standard. *sitting very high on my horse now*

In this day and age of self-publishing, and basically being able to write whatever you want and send it out there for the world to critique (considering this is a free blog I’m well aware that what I’m saying is somewhat ironic), do simple things like punctuation and layout not matter? 

In my opinion (as a lover of the English language) surely if you have the creative mind to write a fairly decent children’s story, but possibly not the funds to hire a copy-editor, wouldn’t you go to great lengths to try your best to ensure that your work was as good as it can be, even if that meant simply showing your family and friends and asking them their opinion? 

Maybe the author did. 

Maybe I’m just being a b*tch. 

I’ve never written a book. I’m not an Oxford educated English scholar. 

A few days after I ‘bought it’, I got one of those requests to rate the book and I rated it quite highly but in the comments section I was honest. I would hope that if I ever got the courage up to publish a formal piece of literature that someone would be respectfully honest with me too. 

This is simply just my opinion. I fully expect to be critiqued on this post!  🙈