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So. Tired.

This is a post about how just when you think you're finally winning at parenting your kids remind you that they do and always will, have the upper hand. It looks at how they use their very best methods to 'clip your wings' and bring you 'back down to earth'! We went up to Pretoria… Continue reading So. Tired.

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Are these the last days of summer? 

It certainly feels like it in South Africa anyway. The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting cooler. I feel like I'm running out of time, time for what I don't know but I am not a fan of winter, maybe that's what is making me feel a little anxious.  The girls have one… Continue reading Are these the last days of summer? 

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Holiday Pics 

Everyone is having an absolute ball!  Swimming in the stunning Indian Ocean, rock pools, sand castles, a few sneaky ciders, lots of sun, not enough sunblock. 🤗😎

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Keeping Them Cool For The Summer

Advice from a mum who lives in Africa, about how to keep your kids cool in the summer. The summer sun in central South Africa is fierce! I read a lot of articles from fellow mommy bloggers who live in the Northern Hemisphere about how to keep your kids busy indoors on cold and rainy… Continue reading Keeping Them Cool For The Summer

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Spring has sprung

Following on from my 'Spring Hat' post from yesterday. A Spring Hat … By Friday, I have to confess, Spring kind of took me by surprise this year. We've been living in central South Africa (the Free State, or as my husband likes to call it "the States") for about 17 months, and whilst we have… Continue reading Spring has sprung