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I Have Finally Lost It

Yes, that’s right. I am a 35 year old mother of two children aged 3 (nearly 4) and 5 (nearly 6), and I just threw a tantrum.

I am sick and tired of their unreasonable behaviour sh*t!  Continue reading “I Have Finally Lost It”

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So. Tired.

This is a post about how just when you think you’re finally winning at parenting your kids remind you that they do and always will, have the upper hand. It looks at how they use their very best methods to ‘clip your wings’ and bring you ‘back down to earth’!

We went up to Pretoria yesterday morning, and after doing a few family visits, we took the kids to Bounce, one of the new trampoline parks that have recently opened up in Gauteng. Look out for my review later in the week. It really was a great outing for the kids.

After that we stayed over with friends and had a lovely dinner and few glasses of wine.

This morning all the other adults left to go to work and I waited out the commuter traffic before starting the long solo journey home with the kids (4 hours of driving with two kids, alone).

As soon as I started trying to get the kids dressed … is when the fight started. (Check out the link for jokes in this theme).  Continue reading “So. Tired.”

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It's Funny Now

So this happened today:

My youngest throws a tantrum at the gym during her swimming lesson. To see a 6″ something giant swimming coach wrestle a 3 year old and loose to ‘the plank’, is quite something to behold! Anyway … so we leave early.  Continue reading “It's Funny Now”


The love of a Girl and her Cat

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, one of my cats would climb on top of me and sleep on my tummy and purr. He had never done that before, and he continued sleeping there until the bump got too round and she started kicking. Continue reading “The love of a Girl and her Cat”

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Reasons Why I'm A Bad Mom … Apparently:

Based on my 5 year old’s reactions to certain instructions that I give her daily, I can only assume I am a ‘bad mom’.

Yesterday MY behaviour caused HER to have a breakdown and advise me of all the ways in which I am indeed, a ‘bad mom’.

Here is her list of grievances which she sobbed at me last night: Continue reading “Reasons Why I'm A Bad Mom … Apparently:”

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Top 5 offensive things to say to my daughters, and the results:

These are the top 5 things I say that cause crying, tantrums, revolt and consumption of wine in my house on a daily basis! Continue reading “Top 5 offensive things to say to my daughters, and the results:”