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My secret is out!

I got this text from my daughter's teacher a couple of weeks ago! Needless to say I was at once mortified and proud! I've been sitting on this for about two weeks, half ashamed, but definitely amused! Thank goodness she is also a mom and has a sense of humour, she has also now taught… Continue reading My secret is out!

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I’m A Confrontation Avoider

I am not good at confrontation. In fact, my own mother calls me a doormat (with all the love in the world). I can't tell you how many times I can remember her saying to me, "God gave you a backbone, use it!" After 35 years of trying, I've got a bit better, but I… Continue reading I’m A Confrontation Avoider

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‘Tis The Season for Glitter¬†

Glitter. Glitter is banned in my house. Glitter was invented by someone who hates moms. Glitter can be used once in my house and despite my best efforts I will inevitably end up with a fleck of glitter on my eyelid three months later on my way to a funeral. Gifts of glitter to my… Continue reading ‘Tis The Season for Glitter¬†