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Fingerprints and Footprints

Today is the last full day of the current school term and as always the girls bring home a lot of their artwork.¬†Amongst the piles of paintings, drawings, etc, were these two pieces done by my youngest.¬† I just love them, especially this one about fingerprints, the words are so poignant and worth remembering every… Continue reading Fingerprints and Footprints

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How Do I Make You Feel?

One of things I am trying to constantly remind my girls when they have one of their little fights is the power of their words. If they say nasty and unkind things to each other, how does that make their sister feel? If she said those words back, how would it make you feel? They… Continue reading How Do I Make You Feel?

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Monday Motivation

I opened my diary this morning to find this amazing quote as the Daily Quote. It is particularly poignant when my To Do list is excessively long and overwhelming. As a teenager I used to suffer from not being able to sleep at night. I would have a million things going on, especially during my… Continue reading Monday Motivation

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“Two More Minutes!”

'Two more minutes mommy?' This has become my youngest daughter's favourite way of delaying getting out of the bath. I end up taking her sister out first, and then letting her play for 'two more minutes', while I dry and dress my eldest. Over the last few days, I have realised that both my daughters… Continue reading “Two More Minutes!”