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How to Repair Doll’s Hair

My girls can be quite rough with their toys. Majority of their dolls are stripped naked within hours of them being purchased and they then proceed to brush the doll's hair until it fluffs out and knots. I decided to try to 'help' restore these previous fashionistas to their former glory by attempting to repair… Continue reading How to Repair Doll’s Hair

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Gift Guide for my Kids

Warning: post contains swearing, sarcasm and real threats!  As we approach the festive season I have a few conditions for Christmas gifts for the children to all my friends and family: For the love of all that is sacred and holy in this world, please do not buy my girls another f*cking puzzle! They are… Continue reading Gift Guide for my Kids

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Stikeez – my initial thoughts and review.

Before I had kids, I never really paid attention to the big supermarket campaigns. Then I had kids. Pick'n Pay have launched their second Stikeez promotion.  I'm a huge Pick'nPay fan, and religiously follow the Smart Shopper programme, as well as loving the Fresh Living monthly magazine (which is free for Smart Shoppper subscribers -… Continue reading Stikeez – my initial thoughts and review.