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My Mother’s Day Spoils

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an Open Letter To My Husband About Mother’s Day. I know he read it so in the run up, expectiations were high. However during the week in the run up to Mother's Day, we realised we would have to tweak my 'wish list' so that it was a… Continue reading My Mother’s Day Spoils

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Why I’m Glad We Left The UK

I loved living in the UK. I was 19 when I got there and for the next ten years I loved most of my time there. I made awesome friends, traveled, learnt some invaluable life lessons, met my future-husband, lots of good things happened. And then some not so good things. And then we left. Before anyone… Continue reading Why I’m Glad We Left The UK

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Disclaimer: Post contains a lot of complaining and sarcasm.

Today's weather ... 30 degrees C. It's humid. It's windy. There's a dust storm blowing through our province. Article in the local news. Bloemfontein Courant YUK!! YUK!! YUK!! Personally I HATE closed windows so I've kept a few windows open, and the door out into the garden, because you know ... the cats! My floors and… Continue reading Disclaimer: Post contains a lot of complaining and sarcasm.