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Reasons to Drink Wine Today

I'm going to keep it short and sweet and really just give you my top 5 reasons why I will be drinking wine today: My husband is going away for work - for 5 weeks! *tears, pride, & fear of solo-parenting for that long!* It's very cold, I hate the cold. Tomorrow will be colder.… Continue reading Reasons to Drink Wine Today

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My #Instaweek Round-up: Week 2

This week's #Instaweek Round up is a perfect insight into my week which has been dominated by running around with my kids and their sport practices, and of course wine. No 5: My post from Thursday's soccer practice. It was Africa Day and even though we're in the early stages of winter, it was around… Continue reading My #Instaweek Round-up: Week 2

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Another Excuse

We make many excuses in our daily lives. Excuses for why we are late. Excuses for why the kids' hair is a mess. Excuses for why the dinner is dry. The best excuse I have heard today though is that today is ... *drum roll please* ... dun dun dun daaa ... National Wine Day!… Continue reading Another Excuse

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#Instaweek Round-Up: Week 1

I have decided to do a post each week featuring my Top 5 photos on Instagram from that week. So here goes: No. 5 is this quote that my husband sent me. I loved it and was quite proud that he sent it to me so posted it on a whim. I think it's lovely.… Continue reading #Instaweek Round-Up: Week 1