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*Muppie Lounge Giveaway!*

To celebrate the launch of a brand new clothing range - Muppie Lounge, I am running an awesome Giveaway on the blog.

Real Queens Adjust Each Others Crowns
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To All The Queens 

On Saturday afternoon we were called up to Jo'burg at short notice and while my husband was busy I had a few hours to kill. We decided to settle in at one of our favorite family restaurant chains. My husband could leave us there with peace of mind, the girls get to play in a huge… Continue reading To All The Queens 

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My opinion on Trump – As a mom of two little girls.

Forgive me - No featured image! What would I put up?  This week has seen the media blow-up over Trump 'the pig''s most incorrigible behaviour and language about women, as well as his confession about sexual assault!  My personal take on this is "I am terrified"!  Terrified that my daughters will grow up in a… Continue reading My opinion on Trump – As a mom of two little girls.