The Perfect Summer Drink

The Perfect Summer Drink!

This weekend I created the perfect summer drink to keep you and your whole family cool, refreshed and healthy.

It is extremely hot here in the South African Northern Free State. It’s about 22°C at 07.30am, and peaks at around 37°C in the middle of the afternoon. Even though there is a breeze in the air it feels more like a hairdryer blowing warm dusty air at you, and it’s doing nothing to cool us down during the day. Therefore we are spending a lot of time inside the house in the afternoon because it’s just cooler than being outside. Even swimming only lasts for a short time as it’s just too hot to be in the sun. 

Keep Hydrated

This past weekend was a real scorcher! I knew we needed to hydrate well with the heat but unfortunately my family are not fans of plain old water.

I am constantly trying to think of healthy ways to ‘trick’ them into drinking more water without adding sugar or any other artificial flavours, you can see previous efforts on earlier mommy blog posts such as Healthy Lifestyle Update and also Mom Fuel – What keeps you going? but those were more about my efforts to keep myself well watered, so this time I was trying to get the whole family involved.

I decided to try and make it a bit fun and I got the girls involved in making their own version of a perfect summer drink with the whole purpose of getting them to drink more water.

Mint Bush In My GardenI picked fresh mint from my garden, chopped up a few strawberries, sliced a lemon and even bruised a few blueberries and we all got to make our own preferred flavoured water, perfect for hot summer days.

Once they had chosen their preferred fruity combination I added lots of ice to the glasses/plastic cups and filled them up with sparkling water. It was awesome! They drank it all and then just kept refilling their cups with filtered water which was even better – no bubbles! How refreshing does this look?

Another shock for my regular readers … this is a non-alcoholic refreshing summer drink. *Gasps* – I know, right?

Mom Win!

So I’m going to take this one as a mommy win!

  1. I got them involved in the kitchen.
  2. They drank water instead of juice that is full of sugar.
  3. They were kept well hydrated.
  4. We had fun as a family.
  5. We created a perfect summer drink recipe!

I’m attaching a Pinterest Graphic so you can easily pin this idea for a perfect healthy summer drink and remember to make these for you and your family to get them drinking more water and staying healthy and hydrated.

The Perfect Summer Drink

Naughty Version

As this is the family version, it is non-alcoholic summer drink, but I’m sure with a little inspiration and tweaks this could be a perfect mummy drink. I’m thinking vodka, or maybe even malibu!

For more tips and ideas on healthy ways to drink more water, check out my Pinterest Board: Ways To Water

Stay hydrated out there!



  1. Such a great idea! I can force my older 2 to drink water, but my 2yr old is becoming impossible thanks to coke loving granny that lives with us. He gets a chair, and heads to the fridge to reach the coke on the top shelf. I’m definitely going to try this.

    1. Oh no. I hate coke for my kids. It turns them into monsters! lol – The Coke Light & Zero are all fine, but the ‘red coke’ is banned in my house. Try this though, I’m sure he will love it.

  2. I make the same drink! Only I use lime instead of lemon. Same but different! I took my 4yr old to a kids party recently and they simply had watermelon in water, looked so lovely and the kids were gulping it down and kept going back for more!

  3. Is it horrible that I was expecting a cocktail? Perhaps adding vodka to the above mix will be really nice, it sounds refreshing 🙂

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