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Today, I am tired … But that's okay.

It was an exhausting weekend with my eldest having a fever on and off. 

Last night went something like this: 

17.30 – feed family the roast if cooked all afternoon. 

18.00 – bath kids.

18.30 – go out to fetch meds for my husband at the late night pharmacy.

19.00 – husband must’ve read my blog I need space because he took the kids and the three of them lay in bed watching TV, giving me some space. I watched Big Bang Theory, had a glass of wine and caught up on Facebook. Eldest went to bed around 20.00 after another dose of ibuprofen as the fever was back. 

21.00 – I went to bed. I was so thankful for the couple of hours where I was alone and did not have to even utter a word. Bliss. Yes, I know I’m selfish. 

00.30 – youngest wet her bed. I had obviously not monitored her liquid intake and as she fell asleep watching tv she hadn’t been to the loo before bed. So I got up, changed her and put her in the bed with us. She is the kicker referred to in one of my previous posts! Today I Suck!

01.00 – the eldest comes through, hot, feverish, thirsty. I get her water. She insists I lie with her but as she’s already steaming hot I curl up at the bottom of her bed. She proceeds to fidget, kick, and generally not sleep until around 03.00 – thank you generic ibuprofen loaded with sugar! Why?! In this time the cats had to go out to pee separately, and the birds – I don’t actually know what happened but there was a lot of flapping and chirping, maybe one fell off its pitch – funny now, not at the time! 

03.00 – she is finally asleep, poor baby. I go back to my bed, to my snoring husband who, bless him, only snores when he is exhausted or unwell, and the kicker. 

04.00 – the kicker’s nose starts running, she needs a tissue.

05.00 – husband gets up to go to work. We discover the kicker has a fever too. 

05.30 – husband leaves, the kicker wakes up! 

That’s the end of my ‘night’. 

I hauled them ALL off to the Dr this morning. All will be well thanks to the wonders of medication! 

In all seriousness though … I hope that in years to come when they remember that mommy did get tired, I did shout, scream, and lose my temper over the little things sometimes. 

I hope that they also remember that I tried to be a good mom, and that the I loved them during those tired times, and forever. 

I don’t expect thanks, I just want them to know that. 

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