Top 5 offensive things to say to my daughters, and the results:

These are the top 5 things I say that cause crying, tantrums, revolt and consumption of wine in my house on a daily basis!

1. “Get your shoes on, let’s go.”

  •  There are no suitable shoes in the house, no matter what the function/reason for leaving the house may be, none of the 10 pairs of shoes available are suitable.
  • This is highly offensive and the appropriate reaction is a full blown meltdown tantrum

2. “Turn the iPad off, it’s time for dinner.”

  • Dinner will be “disgusting”
  • Appropriate response is a full blown tantrum!

3. “It’s bath time.”

  • The water is too hot for one, too cold for the other. Tough … mom makes them get in together and ends up drenched and shouting = no one wins!
  • It’s actually NOT bath time. Give up and try again in 15 minutes!

4. “What do you want for breakfast?”

  • My personal favourite: “Whatever you want mommy … but not that, or that, or that.”
  • Oreos.

5. “Get in the car.”

  • “Me first!” “No, me first!” “Get out my way”. “Both of you be quiet and get in the car now or I’m leaving without you! I’m leaving without you!”
  • Everyone is crying, radio is unecessarily loud to drown out crying. This is unsuccessful. Turn off radio. Everyone is excited to see the school gates whilst sobbing!


  1. Author

    My nephew is big on the “Just make me whatever..” for lunch then I bring it out and it’s of course, “Nooo, really?! I don’t want that.” Lol we can never win!

  2. Author

    Omw someone relates!!! ❤❤❤ lol I thought I was going mad and it was something i am doing wrong ?

    Bee tee dubs, I am hiding away from the kids to catch up on my blog reading ??

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