WARNING: Proud Mom Bragging

Well the great big annual soccer tournament has finally come and gone. In the last few weeks leading up to it the excitement and anticipation (never mind the endless practices at unreasonable times) felt like it would never end.

In case you missed it, this past Saturday I was a ‘Soccer Mom’ in all the glory that the stereotype implies: I Can’t Keep Calm, I’m a Soccer Mom!

Despite my feelings on how important competition is, and how winning is not a bad thing, my daughter handed me a dose of reality on Friday after her final practice session. She is naturally competitive but despite being five years old she knew that her team were not the strongest in their pool, and they were going in a team member short with only four in their squad. She actually broke down crying saying “what if we don’t win mommy?”

I was so sad for her and felt a little guilty for maybe being part of the pressure she was feeling. So I did the right thing as a mother and explained to her that it wasn’t about winning, it was about playing your best and that being part of a team is a good thing, no one expected her to win for the whole team. She understood what I was saying, which I was very grateful for.

Her understanding of what I was explaining is just another reason for me to be proud of her. It shows that she was mature enough to realise that being part of a team and working together is something honorable; and also the main lesson that as long as she played her best I didn’t care if they won or lost, I’d be proud of her anyway.

So the day dawned not so bright and far too early after I had over-indulged with friends the night before (lesson learnt- punishment a little extreme, but I survived).

I got the girls ready in their team kit and they looked so super cute, and we headed off to the school. I was so relieved to discover that the fields they were playing on were right next to each other so I didn’t have to run too far and if I stood in the middle I’d be able to watch them both play when they were playing at the same time.

I am proud to report that both my girls are awesome little footballers/soccer players. I’m honestly not just saying that, they are awesome! I would definitely rank them in the top 3 in their age-group and they both scored quite a few goals each.

It was exhausting though, and by my youngest’s last game, she just couldn’t do it anymore and decided to bench herself by sitting down in the goals and refusing to play anymore saying she wanted to go home. lol – bless her.

My eldest played extremely well and you can really see the difference between last year and this year and the way her and her classmates’ development and ‘skill’ has improved.

Unfortunately neither of their teams won, but after the way they played I could not be prouder of both of them. They were both a bit disappointed, especially my eldest, not to win medals, but that’s okay – it too is a valuable lesson they should learn. By the time we limped to the car, my youngest was so tired she could barely keep her eyes open and napped the rest of the day. Yes – she’s My Sneaky Sleeper .

I am a “Soccer Mom”, hear me roar.

On reflection though, I embodied the stereotype ‘sports mom’ by running up and down the sidelines, shouting instructions, the odd mumbled curse word and indulging in far too many eye-rolls and tuts when mistakes were made – no, I’m not proud of that. Mommy learned a bit more about herself than she liked too! ?

Well done girls, let’s see what the future holds. I am a very proud mommy!

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  1. Author

    We have our annual tournament on Saturday! My 5 year old is soooo excited, but I’m betting she will not last through all the games…

    1. Author

      They really are so little. lol
      Best of luck to her and her team.

    1. Author

      Thank you. This has been one of me least popular posts since all time. Quite sad really but I don’t mind. It speaks volumes in terms of popularity posts.

    1. Author

      Save it for the grandkids – then you can be a soccernan! One day!

      1. Author

        that will be a good few years off yet, i blogged about this (prompted by you) this week. I finished my soccer mum career off at Tuks in 2013/14.

  2. Author

    ahh congratulations to all of you!! as they say, its not the winning but the taking part that counts! It sounds like they still enjoyed themselves which is brilliant!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week

  3. Author

    I think that its perfectly fine that you ran up and down the field! You were cheering them on!!! Now, if you had been screaming and cursing at the other team or loosing your shiz going bat crap crazy that would have been another thing!
    I have those same talks with my girls about winning and losing! I sure do wish more parents did! The ball fields become a nightmare this time of year!


  4. Author

    I love this post and don’t think it’s bragging at all. think it’s great to be proud of our children and celebrate their achievements. I would have so done the same running up and down the sidelines… My kids don’t play soccer (yet) but anything they do I’m there cheering them on even when they are just going on a carrousel ride 🙂 Thank you for sharing with #StayClassymama

    1. Author

      Thanks for that. Bragging posts don’t go down so well for some reason but I don’t really care because my girls are awesome!

  5. Author

    It’s funny, because we are linky neighbors here at #triumphanttales and we are both moms bragging about our two girls — yours in soccer and mine on the dance floor! What fun. I’m smiling and proud of your girls, giving it their all! That is what its about! #triumphanttales TY neighbor! <3 <3

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