Weekend Photos – Vaal River

As mentioned on Friday, we went away for a  weekend break with some friends. It’s now Sunday afternoon and we have just got back from an awesome weekend at the Vaal River. Here are a few of my favourite photos.  

Yesterday we went for a booze cruise (when you pack a few sneaky drinks in a cooler box) and idle slowly along the river, checking out the scenery, having a few cold ones, making the kids look out for legavons.

The clouds make it look like terrible weather, but it was perfect. Not to hot, no rain, light breeze. Perfect.

The kids loved it, except for the lifejackets. As with car seats, this is a non-negotiable requirement when going on a boat, but it did take about half an hour for the whining to stop. Luckily we’d packed crisps and sweets too – nothing like a bit of bribery and corruption as a sideline to perfect parenting.






Later in the afternoon yesterday (Saturday) the rain came down. I managed to snap this amazing pic of a double rainbow whilst it was raining. You can even see a few raindrops. I love it.


Early evening sunset. I couldn’t believe the colours in the clouds. Trust me, there is no filter on this photo. This is exactly how it was.


Steam coming off the Jacuzzi. The kids loved playing in the Jacuzzi and spent most of the time running from the Jacuzzi to the pool, jumping in, swimming a length and then running back to the Jacuzzi to warm up. It’s no wander there are a few snotty noses today.


The fire for roasting marshmallows. We ended up cooking our braai (barbecue) on the gas but the daddy’s were very good and lit a fire just for the kids to roast their marshmallows. My little one didn’t make it though. It was only really ready around 19.45 and she’d crashed out on the sofa at 18.30. All the fresh air, boating, swimming, and fun had tired her out.


This photo makes me feel so calm and at peace. It was taken at about 07.00 this morning (Sunday) just as the men and kids went off for a small fishing expedition.


We got home around 14.30. My husband is now fast asleep. The kids are catching up on TV. I’ve unpacked everything, put a load of laundry in, and now I’m catching up on my blog with a lovely cup of coffee.

Quite a perfect end to a perfect weekend.

All Photos taken with my iPhone 6s. I do not give permission for them to be copied of used by anyone. 

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  1. Author

    The Vaal is so nice and close to Jhb. I always forget about that when we plan weekends away. Looks like you had lots of fun. #globalblogging

    1. Author

      Agreed. Although maybe I’ll leave the kids behind next time so it can be even more relaxing and boozy.

  2. Author

    lovely photos. Really like the sunset one and the very last photo #GlobalBlogging

  3. Author

    Ah that sounds, am deathly looks like a beautiful day! Love the rainbow and toasting marshmallows what a perfect end. I bet the kids really loved it. It’s a very nice thing to be able to do things like that of a weekend I am a little jealous lol. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun xx

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