I’m a busy mom, believe it or not. My kids may be in school for around 5 hours a day, but that doesn’t mean I have 25 free hours a week.

I have errands to run, household management, laundry, cleaning, meal planning & preparation, and of course … blogging.

Most afternoons are spent running around with the kids sitting on the side-lines or in the car-park from school pick up to swimming lessons, dancing lessons and play-dates, the list goes on!

I use this time to do some basic blogging, where I get my words down on ‘paper’ and then when I have more time to concentrate is when I do the polishing. I also use this time to promote my already published blogs on Twitter, linkys, etc.

For example, just today I have blogged from the following places:

  • the car wash,
  • the queue at the bank,
  • the school parking lot,
  • the pavement outside the dance practice hall.

It has inspired me to try and start a fun Instagram/Twitter ‘movement’. I’m hoping my fellow parenting bloggers (and any other bloggers of course) will embrace this and we can all share with each other: #wheredoyoublog from.

If you want to share in the fun, please use the hashtag #wheredoyoublog on any Tweets or Instagram photos or posts sharing with us where you are blogging from, and if you want to tag me in it that would be great too. My Instagram name is @momoftwolittlegirls and my twitter name is @momof2lgs.

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  1. Author

    I blog on Sunday mornings when my husband takes the baby to the church nursery and during 4am bouts of insomnia. 🙂
    I aspire to blog anywhere, but I have to keep my eyes on the toddler or she will draw on her face with markers. Ask me how I know hahahahaha.

    1. Author

      Haha … been there! Actually I’m still there! I can’t turn my back for a minute unless they are otherwise occupied!

    1. Author

      Haha … so glad I’m not the only one who ‘blogs on the job’. No one else has admitted it yet but I’m sure there must be more of us! ?

  2. Author

    So much love for this! I blog mainly from my laptop, but do a heap of stuff from my phone and iPad…wherever and whenever I can! Rare naptimes or between 7-9 in the evening, usually from the sofa, bra off, PJs on, TV on in the background ha ha. Not many ‘jobs’ let you do that eh?
    Thanks so much for sharing this with #coolmumclub!

    1. Author

      Nope … quite a niche market I’d say. Thanks for reading. X

  3. Author

    Girl, I blog in my car in the school pick up line, in my office on a quiet afternoon, and I sometimes even draft ideas in the bathtub. My best ideas always come to me in bed at 2 am though. Go figure!

    Thanks so much for being such a constant source of fun at #ShowMeYours. Love your blog! 🙂

  4. Author

    Very fun! I blog mostly from my desktop. Except for taking pictures and carrying a little notepad around (not just for blogging but it comes in handy for that too if I think something up). I usually have 3 blocks of time on any given day and if I use it wisely I can get a lot done!

    1. Author

      I usually do all the finishing touches on my laptop at the desk, but a lot of the writing is done on my phone or iPad depending where I am. Thanks for sharing. X

    1. Author

      haha … me too. Although I don’t need space to spread when I’m out, only when I’m in front of the pc adding the finishing touches. Thanks for the reply. x

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