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21 Easter and Spring Crafts for Kids

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am not a crafty mom. Those Pinterest Perfect crafts that everyone else manages to make just end up on the Pinterest Fail Wall Of Fame. Yes, it does end up inducing a fair amount of mom guilt. However, this instantly vanishes when four months after the last failed crafting experience I find a piece of glitter on my eyelid at a meeting with ‘proper people’ and then it all comes screaming back to me why I don’t do it … unless the school makes me!

However! It’s been about five months now and I feel like I need to do something crafty with the girls to make memories for Easter and Spring 2020. The start of a new decade and all that. Also, Facebook reminded me of the really cute spring hats we made the one time a few years ago. That wasn’t too terrible as far as spring crafts for kids goes.

spring hat for kids
Spring Hat being modeled by my eldest

The other issue I have with crafts is that my girls are not babies anymore. They enjoy more detailed crafts. So here is a list of Easter crafts, Easter baking for kids, and spring crafts for kids. Most of these crafts are for children aged 6 to 10 years old, but there are a few that are great for all ages.

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Easter Crafts for kids

Here are a few easter crafts for kids that look really good, achievable, and not too difficult or messy. Let me know which one is your favourite?

  1. Make your own Easter Tree – how cute is this? So simple and mess-free too. This one is perfect for younger children.
  2. Tissue Paper Hats for Easter – I LOVE THIS! It would even work for creating hats for World Book Day costumes.
  3. Step-by-step instructions on how to make your own pop-up chick cards for Easter too.
  4. Felt Bunny Craft – perfect for encouraging those fine motor skills too with the stitching and sewing for kids!
  5. Easy Peasy Bunny Ears – you had me at easy. I can’t believe I didn’t even think about making bunny ears for kids as an Easter craft.
  6. Slightly more effort (from me) here but these have to be the cutest bunnies – Pom Pom Bunny in a basket.
  7. Sticking with the bunny theme, here’s how to make your own Easter Bunny Bunting.
  8. And for the slightly older kids (read: more crafty mummies), here’s another Easter Tree – check out the finished product in the image below.
Make Your Own Easter Tree
Credit: CrummyMummy

Easter Baking Ideas for kids

What’s Easter without some baking with the kids. Here are some Easter baking ideas for kids that look really fun and easy to make. Baking with kids is a yes for us … mostly because I get my teen bonus daughter to supervise. Having teen step-kids is a big help!

  1. Bake your own Sheep Cupcakes for Easter
  2. Oh so cute and Oh so easy Easter Macaroons – these look delicious!
  3. Don’t forget the classic Easter baking recipe for kids – Chocolate Easter Nests – It’s a yes from me – See picture below.
Chocolate Easter Nests
Credit: TheBearAndTheFox

Spring Crafts For Kids

The spring crafts for kids are really cute. Not only are they really pretty and creative, but I think my girls would love to do these. They are all really easy to customize and mix up with a variety of different colours too.

  1. Ladybird Egg Box Bugs – I love anything that encourages using and recycling materials.
  2. Cupcake Case Daffodils – this is so simple and creative. Just imagine all the colourful flowers you could do with this one simple idea.
  3. These Pom Pom Spring Garlands look amazing. I can see my girls starting a new obsession with pom poms if I get them going with this one.
  4. Here are some other flowers to make for spring crafts, easy paper flower crafts. Very cool.
  5. More Daffodils, because, why not. Here’s how to make a cheery daffodil – See the picture below of the finished product.
How to make a cheery daffodil craft for kids
Credit: HodgePodgeDays

For more Spring crafts for kids and Easter Inspiration, please check out my board on Pinterest dedicated just to this. It’s loaded full of inspirational craft ideas that are perfect for kids of all ages.

Thanks to all the contributors to this post. Please do check out their awesome craft and baking ideas.

21 Spring and Easter Crafts for kids


  1. So many brilliant ideas! I love the Easter tree – may even be tempted to have a go at it. We’ve done the daffodils before, and GinGin loved making them. I’m sure both my girls will want to do all the baking / chocolate / cake Easter crafts – ha!


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