Girl Mom Hack | How To Avoid Losing The Doll Shoes!

Moms of boys always complain about standing on lego. Well that may be painful, but as a mom of girls I can attest to the fact that standing on a tiny sharp and pointy doll shoe is equally as painful! Now I can’t help you lego moms, but I do have an awesome hack for all moms of girls to solve the show problem.

I don’t know about your kids, but my girls like to immediately undress their new dolls. They swap the clothes and the shoes and have an awesome time! And then a week later, everything looks a little over-loved, and the dolls start to resemble a 20-year-old at the end of the night after a bit too much partying! Her clothes are all disheveled and she’s lost her shoes!!

Now whilst this girl mom hack might be a bit extreme, it certainly does the trick for me!

What is it?

Well, I superglue the doll’s shoes to their feet!

Yup! I know, I’m mean! My girls don’t seem to mind though so it’s a win from me!

Here’s a video I did showing you the whole process!

Here are some more photos of ‘the girls’ getting done up!

I used the opportunity of the girls receiving so many beautiful new dolls from their trip to Toy Kingdom for the last #girlmomsmeetup to take these pictures. If you haven’t read up about the awesome mommy blogger meet-up that we had, please check it out.

I love these kind of girl mom hack projects so if you have any to share, please do! Sharing is caring!


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