I’m Giving Away A Sneak-A-Peek Puppy!

Have you seen the cutest, most lovable new puppies out there? Introducing the adorable Sneak-A-Peek Puppy!

Shhhh … they’re sleeping!

Sneak-A-Peek Puppies


We don’t have a dog, we have cats. For a couple of years my youngest was actually terrified of dogs. An irrational fear I could never understand but then in her defense, as I said, we don’t have dogs. Her fear has changed to adoration and love! When we visit friends who have dogs she will sit next to any dog and just stroke them for ages. In turn, most dogs seem to sense the gentleness in her and seek her out.

She has been nagging us for months to get her a puppy, but with our lifestyle we just can’t justify getting a dog as dogs are far more needy than cats.

When the lovely people at Prima Toys sent the girls a Sneak-A-Peek puppy each, they were ecstatic and have slept with them every night since. These puppies are so soft and cuddly, I almost want to steal them from my sleeping children for myself! I have resisted the urge though!

Look How Cute!

They can be curled up into a cuddly little ball when it’s nap time, and then you open them up so you can stare at their gorgeous squishy faces!

Sneak-A-Peek Puppy Sneak-A-Peek Puppy Sneak-A-Peek Puppy

These little cuties are about 30 cm long and are ideal for ages three-year old and over. There are six different puppies to choose from. You can check out the different puppies on the Prima Toys website here. They are available as Spar, Lilliputs and Hamleys stores countrywide and retail for R 299.99.

I’m have an awesome Giveaway for one of these puppies. Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Only Rafflecopter entries are valid
  2. Competition runs until Tuesday 27 February.
  3.  Entrants must be South African residents, or have a South African postal address.
  4. I reserve the right to disqualify invalid entries. 
  5. If you have won anything from MomOfTwoLittleGirls in the past three months you are ineligible to win this prize. 
  6. The winners prize will be sent to them direct by Prima Toys. 
  7. The results are final. 

Disclaimer: We received two Sneak-A-Peek puppies in return for this review, but all opinions are my own.



  1. there are 6 different puppies to choose from. My 17 month old would absolutely LOVE one of these Woo Woos … she is doggy mad!

  2. There are six different puppies. I have a 4 year old who will LOVE this. Holding thumbs.

  3. It is so cool that they have 6 different kinds to choose from. I however do not live in Africa. If my entrance into the contest wins you can give a recipient who cannot afford it the prize. God is good and able !!!

  4. 6 super cute cuddly gorgeous puppies and mummy is not sharing with anyone if one comes home ?.

  5. My boys love dogs too. They’ve been nagging us for a couple years now to get one. Our youngest is currently saving his money so he can buy one! Like you, our lifestyle isn’t exactly conducive to owning a dog…

  6. There are 6 absolutely adorable kinds of puppies.

    Will be a absolute delight and pleasure to win for little Amaani.

  7. Gosh they are so adorable! Unfortunately my eldest son 15 months old, is allergic to dog fur.. Found this out recently.. This would be an awesome ‘pet puppy’ for him as he loves animals ?

  8. Finally, this thing is working for me. Omg, there are 6 cute puppies, you’ve got two & are giving ME one lol. Anyway all the best to everyone, but I really want one for my son (he would love it!) so hope it comes to me!

  9. There are 6 different puppies to choose from! My son would love one of these cuties!

  10. There are six different puppies to choose from and they are all equally adorable! Would love one for my girl!

  11. 6 different pups! ♡ so cute!!! My daughter will go bonkers for any one of them she is in love with soft cuddly dog plush toys.

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