My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures on The Box

Can it still be called a box? I mean most of them are flat and hang off the wall, so maybe they should be called a portrait?

I digress already. Here are my top 1o favourite shows to watch on TV, even though half of them are no longer in production. 

In no particular order (except for No.1! That is my all time favourite!):

  1. Friends
  2. Greys Anatomy
  3. The Big Bang Theory
  4. Madam Secretary
  5. The Fixer / Scandal
  6. Two and a Half Men – both Charlie & Waldon
  7. Masters of Sex
  8. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  9. Chicago PD
  10. Private Practice

What are yours?

I'd love to know what you think. Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Suits
    Law and Order
    Housewives of Beverly Hills and Atlanta
    Private Practice (used to love this show)
    This Is Us
    Everybody loves Raymond

  2. 1. The Walking Dead
    2. Game of Thrones
    3. The Big Bang Theory
    4. Jane the Virgin.
    5. Suits (although I’m losing interest)
    6. 2 Broke Girls
    7. Modern Family
    8. Stranger Things
    9. Avatar: The Last Airbender (animated series that I can watch over and over again)
    10. Son of Zorn


    • I really need to watch Game Of Thrones. It might be too late now to catch up though.

  3. 1. Sherlock
    2. Grey’s Anatomy (currently at the end of season 5)
    I never thought I’d put another programme on par with Sherlock but Greys Anatomy is amazing! And from what I’ve heard it only gets better.