Pros and Cons – Roadtripping with Kids

My husband and I love roadtripping. I’m not talking about round trips to Jo’burg for the day (+/- 250kms), I’m talking about road trips to Cape Town, Zimbabwe, Botswana. Most of those are in excess of 1500kms.

There are pros and cons of travelling with infants vs travelling with small children, in our experience.

Pros & Cons for travelling.jpg

Pros & Cons for travelling - kids.jpg

So … do it if you dare.

I’d love to hear some of your funny or not so funny experiences.


  1. Author

    We went to Inverness from Manchester… Only 375mi (600km)… We did it 3 times, there and back. I don’t know how we survived it. And we only had one child!

    After that we took trains… So much easier. And if you book them early enough ahead they are not that much more expensive.

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