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Reasons Why I’m A Bad Mom … Apparently

Based on my 5 year old’s reactions to certain instructions that I give her daily, I can only assume I am a bad mom. Yesterday MY behaviour caused HER to have a breakdown and advise me of all the reasons that I am a bad mom.

Here is her list of grievances which she sobbed at me last night:

I’m a bad mom because …

  1. I make her come to the table to eat her food. You know, instead of letting her starve because she’s so engrossed in the TV that she didn’t hear me politely call her to the table 10 times. She only reacted when I lost my sh*t, screamed at her and switched the TV off! I’m a bad mom.
  2. I always make her wear shoes before leaving the house. You know, instead of letting her roam the streets barefoot, and potentially suffer 3rd degree burns under her feet. The African summer is not to be underestimated. Also, mummy has standards … believe it or not. Such a bad mom!
  3. I insist on brushing her hair. I did suggest that we shave it off, which she wasn’t very please about; there is no in-between.
  4. I make her bath, instead of letting her sleeping in her own filth.
  5. I always make her get dressed, Naked is not an option unfortunately – deal with it.
  6. Due to the fact that I will be the one responsible for her dentist bills in the future, I always make her brush her teeth. I mean, what a b*tch!, right?
  7. I always make her take her plate to the kitchen after eating. I literally do everything else surely I should just do that too? NOT!
  8. When it’s 07.30pm I always make her go to bed. Yes, because mummy needs to sit down and recharge before resuming her slave duties tomorrow. Also, if she – the child – is overtired we’ll all want to run away!

Those are the actual grievances she sobbed at me last night.

Guess what, I’m a bad mom. I’m her bad mom, and there is absolutely nothing she can do about it!

How do I survive the guilt? Well to be honest, I self medicate with wine!

Let me know who else is a bad mom and why?

Time I got a job and went back to work I think. Somewhere I’m actually appreciated!


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  1. Oh my list is the same, but thank you so mich for the post…. I think i needed it, still abit teary over earliers tantrum to brush hair ?

    1. I may have come across stronger than I am. It’s a tough road.
      Keep going, it gets better apparently! Lol

  2. I am a bad mom because I won’t let my boys beat the sh*t out of each other, I make them go to school, wear jackets when it’s -4 (today) outside, make them eat the dinner they asked for but still insist on throwing a fit about. And everything on your list! Haha, I also have to self medicate with beer and wine some days. Hang in there! Bad moms make better people (when they grow up!)

    1. Yes, I forgot the detail about food they asked for being wrong! Silly me! X

  3. I make mine buy her own beer. SMH.

    When she was younger I made her shower on days that were NOT her birthday.
    I also stopped her having cake for breakfast on days that were NOT her birthday.

    I am a terrible dad. >.>

  4. So so true… totally resonated with me this one! I constantly get tantrums for doing things like not letting my son continuously switch switches on and off… or not letting him climb on top of the dining room table and dance around knocking vases… or not letting him play with the litter in the cats litter tray! The best ones, when I feel really like I’m doing a great job, are when we take hm on a lovely ay our and he doesn’t feel like walking along the beautiful seaside and just wants to stay in the car… Im such a silly mummy for getting my child into the fresh air aren’t I!?!? We are such bad parents!! Haha! <3

  5. My (almost) 17 month old son is just starting to realise I’m a bad mum.
    – I won’t let him live off jaffa cakes
    – I won’t let him drink my coffee/energy drink
    – I won’t let him repeatedly bash our standing lamp against the wall
    – I won’t let him play with the oven when it’s on
    – I have the nerve to change his nappy

    Etc etc etc…

  6. Ha ha, I’m a terrible mother for all of the above, plus I had the audacity to tell my son there would be no tv or computer games till he tidied his room on Saturday, after I’d been asking for three weeks! Such hard lives our children lead.

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