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Self esteem! 

Nothing on earth destroys your self confidence and self esteem quite as effectively as bathing with your kids does. A few quotes from my two darlings  today: 

Eldest: “Mommy, the ladies at the gym all have much longer boobs than you do” 

Me: “Yes darling, they’re 10 years younger than mommy and haven’t breast fed the hungriest children on earth yet! Give it time.”

Youngest: “It doesn’t matter what you look like with your clothes off mommy, I still love you!” 

Me: “Thanks sweetheart. Hope it’s not too much to ask of you.” 

Her: “No mommy”

Point to note: Sarcasm is wasted on kids!

Bless them … they were saying it so sweetly and honestly and in a purely observational way, with no intention whatsoever. I hope I managed to dead-pan-face my reactions so they didn’t see me die inside a little bit! 

I am very conservative when it comes to my body so I think they were a bit surprised by the openness of two ladies changing in the gym yesterday while they were getting ready for their swimming lessons. 

Silver lining: they really don’t care what I look like and actually gave me reassuring hugs to make sure I know that they love me. Maybe the dead-pan-face didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped! 😜

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