Tangle Teezer Truths 

I was first introduced to the magic wonder of a Tangle Teezer about 12 years ago while I was still living in the UK. My future step-daughter was around 3 years old and had the most beautiful hair. It grew thick and long from a very early age and it was, and still is, stunning.

But … brushing it was not fun. This little girl, who wasn’t really sure about me, did not appreciate my amateur attempts at brushing her hair. And I was terrified of hurting her. There was some crying (from me) and some screaming (from her) and sometimes I would just give up, tie it up and hope for the best.

And then we got a Tangle Teezer! Yay!!!

It was bliss … it brushed the knots out of her hair so quickly, gently and easily.

Fast forward a few years, and my eldest daughter has the easiest hair in the world to maintain. It’s the perfect thickness and never knots unless there is food in it because she won’t let me tie it up. She keeps it at a manageable length just below her shoulders and there are never any issues with it. It’s been like that since it first grew. Yay!

And just when I wanted to give myself a metaphorical “Winning At Mothering Girls” badge …

Winning At Mothering Girls!

… along came my youngest!

I despair, honestly. Her hair is a lot thinner than either of her sister’s, and she likes to grow it long. She is very ‘girly’ so likes it to look pretty and done up. Great. Terrific! Except that she sleeps on her back most of the night and rubs her head side to side all night long which makes the back a big tangled bird’s nest! Every morning I dread that moment – the moment when I have to say “Come get your hair brushed?” 

A few years ago I found the magic Tangle Teezer brush again. I was ecstatic! Life was fine for a few years, and then about a year ago, after nearly 10 years of use, it broke. I was devastated! I tried to replace it with a cheap drug-store version but that one didn’t even last three months before the bristles all bent and broke.

Earlier this year I went to the #JoziMeetup – an SA Mom Blogs event and in our goodie bags was a beautiful shiny new pink Tangle Teezer – I was over the moon! As were the girls.

Last weekend a friend of ours gave the girls a gift, another new Tangle Teezer each – officially named the Tangle Teezer Compact. Both have a funky leopard print design on – one natural leopard print coloured and one pink leopard print. They are currently retailing for around £9.49. Look how pretty they are …

They are both slightly smaller than the original pink one (hence the name compact) but they work just as well and are actually easier to hold in little hands than the original one too. Perfect for the girls to learn how to brush their own hair. They also have a cover on them to protect the bristles – such a great idea.

I really can’t recommend the Tangle Teezer range of hair brushes enough. I’m sure they were designed specifically to make hair brushing easier for moms and kids. Really! Do yourself and your little one a favour today and invest in a Tangle Teezer. If the first one we owned lasted nearly 10 years, it’s well worth it.

I’m still trying out various brands of children’s detangling spray, none work as well as my home-made remedy so far, but if there are any PR companies who want an honest review of their product then I would be happy oblige! Please get in touch. #prfriendly

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, it is my honest review of the Tangle Teezer hair brushes, as a mom of two little girls, and step-mom of one. Please see my Amazon Disclosure Policy.


  1. Emilie’s hair is the same, we both cry. But I agree since we have had a tangle teezer it’s been a lot easier I need to get a new one now. Because she travels with hers and I am so afraid she will leave it somewhere! Emilie’s hair is loooooong and thin strands which knot with ALOT of hair. I think it’s a recipe for a tangle teezer! Also still looking for a good detangling. What is your home made recipe? Xx

  2. I love tangle teezer so much, I use them for me having thick curly and tangle prone hair they are my saviour #stayclassymama

  3. I love our Disney Princess one. Brushing my daughter’s hair was a total no-go before I discovered it. Now, she can’t wait to do her hair, and without tears too! #stayclassymama

  4. I know this post is about the Tangle Teezer but I’m so curious about this meet up. Is it invite only? I’m still deciding whether this blogging business is something I want to do or if it will just stay a way for me to vent ? It would be lovely to meet other mum bloggers though…

    1. It’s definitely not “invite only” – go on the SA Mom Blogs website and check out the post about the meet up. It’s R255/person on 26/08. I booked my ticket this week. Please come. I’m also fairly new. I’m not really monetized only but it’s great for networking etc. Shout if you can’t find the link.

      1. Oh poop. Its my daughters 4th birthday party that day. But i will definitely check it out and I’ll see you at the next one. I’ll be the one looking extremely awkward and checking out the exits ?

        1. This is most likely my last one in JhB as I’m moving to East London at the end of the year ?

      2. Hmm. My replies seem to be disappearing so apologies if you see a ton of replies. It’s my daughters birthday party that day but I will check out the website and come along for the next one ?

  5. Love mine and I don’t even have big hair! Check out the new one they’ve done to help with blow drying. Supposed to remove the need for straighteners…. will report back – bought one this week.

    Celine, Bell from Bow

    1. Please do. I would definitely consider that. I despise having to blow dry AND straighten.

  6. I’ve brought one for my friend and she loves it!

  7. Funny I just got one this week! My daughter’s hair is mixed race hair so it tangles very easily. Getting her hair done had been a nightmare literally till this week.

    It shocks me how painless and effortless it is to comb through her curls with the tangle teezer. Love love love

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  9. Sounds like a great brush! Luckily -well not really that lucky- I have really thin and straight hair, I barely have to brush it so it never really gets tangled. I wish it was thicker and could grow longer than shoulder length! Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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