Activity for Hand Eye Coordination

When Boredom Strikes

My girls have point-blank refused to get dressed today and are currently enjoying a self imposed Pyjama Day. I wish they’d told me before I got dressed. It was time, the time when boredom strikes!

By noon they are bored. I’ve been busy blogging today, I’m co-hosting the #blogstravaganza Linky this weekend and it’s one of those things you need to stay on top of so as to not get behind.

One of the posts I have read was by the lovely Nicole at Tales From Mamaville and her post about alphabet games with food was timed to perfection for me. 

Making A Cereal Necklace!

I set the girls up with a bowl of Oaties, a string and told them to make their own Oatie necklaces. They were so excited by something so simple that I’m actually feeling really guilty. Thanks kids! Like I don’t suffer enough #MomGuilt on a daily basis.

Anyway, it kept them busy for a whole 20 minutes! Awesome.

Not only is this a healthy snack they can eat, but the threading activity is great for their hand-to-eye coordination. So, next time they are bored, whip out the round cereal, and get them threading cereal!

Top Tip: measure the length of string required to fit over their heads BEFORE they start otherwise trying to lengthen it afterwards is not fun!

kids are bored


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